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The Divio Cloud Compass: Survey Results 2020

Read the highlights of our cloud and serverless technology purchase survey 2020. We establish the Divio Cloud Compass based on how the cloud tech market to evolve

Thomas Bailey

Thomas Bailey


As potential customers tell us how the cloud technology market 'wants' to evolve, here is a look into how it might! In 2019, Gartner’s famed hype cycle for cloud computing firmly placed Cloud Management Platforms(CMP), Platform as a Service (PaaS) & Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) on an upward “enlightenment slope” whose apparent next phase is a plateau of productivity. However, according to the same study, technologies like Serverless PaaS, Container Management, Multi Cloud and Cloud Managed Services are at their peak. A closer look at these technologies reveals that they are also an integral part of the CMP, PaaS and IaaS ecosystem. Hence, one thing clear- There will always be new technology solutions that CMP and PaaS players have to adapt to and provision for the market. Therefore, these hyped technologies may never reach the expected productivity plateau, as suggested by Gartner’s hype cycle for cloud computing. So what does a PaaS + CMP player like Divio do to keep pace with the fast-evolving landscape of this industry? We put our ear to the ground and listen! After all, consumers are the best source of information for any product.

So, here are some significant highlights of our annual cloud and serverless technology purchase survey 2020.

Are you looking for us? Here we are!

Over 70% of our potential customers look for CMP and PaaS providers online and close to 50% per cent ask for referrals from trusted sources. While finding the right cloud and infrastructure service should not be a game of peekaboo, sometimes it becomes just that when industry players do not get their digital marketing game right. CMP providers should, therefore, pay attention to their digital marketing strategy and align it with the overall business strategy. As far as referrals are concerned, having incredible support takes care of that quite well. We at Divio pride ourselves with our exemplary support set up. Click here to know more about how we do it.

Distribution of how people look for Divio

This is what you are missing in terms of features

Almost 90% of the respondents said that their current setup does not have granular access controls. Approximately 70% said that their current set up lacks in the right app monitoring and diagnostics tools. We heard you and have successfully launched our metrics dashboard to provide you with insights about your web apps which include CPU and memory usage statistics. Read more about it here.

Self-service IT, cost management, effortless and fast scaling are not particular concerns anymore as these features have become commonplace across CMP and PaaS providers.

What do you want from us? Just a little more freedom

Close to 38% of respondents wanted “No vendor lock-in”, followed by “easy data portability” options wanted by approximately 34% of the respondents. We at Divio have always been vendor-agnostic owing to our experiences from our agency days. Hence, via our platform, it takes just a few clicks and ten seconds to port your environment from one cloud provider and region to another. Isn’t that amazing! The feature is called cloudshift, and you can read more about it here.

It is interesting to note that security measures remain a top concern, although security breaches are not something the respondents face very often with their current providers.

Desired features from CMP and PaaS providersDesired features from CMP and PaaS providers

Won’t you talk to us, please!

Well, as it turns out, you would. Close to 45% of people responsible for cloud and serverless technology set up in their companies prefer engaging with the vendors directly. Engaging large consulting companies is a distant second with approximately 16% of people preferring them. It is because the market is aware of the exponential pace at which the technology in this space is evolving. To keep pace with it, an agile and responsive partner is necessary. This is the reason why we keep our team at Divio as lean as possible without affecting the quality of our services. Click here to book a demo with us, and we will gladly help you!