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Introducing Self-Service Cloud Shifting

Our latest release provides self-service and fully automated cloud shifting capabilities. And the best thing? It enables apps to be moved transparently between regions. Read here to learn more.

Thomas Bailey

Thomas Bailey


Multi cloud is an increasingly important topic as enterprises attempt to juggle operations between multiple cloud vendors.

Our approach to multi cloud support is to unify different cloud vendors into one centralised interface, with a suite of tools that make processes and workflows indifferent to the underlying cloud vendor. Rather than presenting specific cloud vendors, we instead use regions where the Divio platform manages the underlying cloud vendors. We think this better reflects the cloud paradigm, where resources can scale and move around as needed, without hardware constraints.

Cloud Shifting on Divio

In our latest release of the platform, we have made cloud shifting available as a self-service and fully autonomous feature that enables apps to be moved across regions. Cloud shifting uses Divio multi cloud technology to make the end-to-end move between regions and the underlying cloud vendors transparent - the Divio platform automates the migration.

Cloud shift seamlessly integrates into the Divio Control Panel and follows our commitment to ease-of-use by using existing workflows.

You can move between regions at any time from within your project settings - choose a new region, and your app will be seamlessly carried across to the new region. The Divio platform manages the migration on your behalf, and regardless of region and cloud vendor, the Divio tools and experience remain consistent with no changes to your existing workflows.

Self-service cloud shifting is available now for enterprise users and Divio partners who can create custom plans on behalf of their clients.