Much more than hosting

Divio combines hosting, developer tools and pre-configured projects-including django CMS and Wagtail-into one platform that's backed by passionate support.  

In less than an hour, you can launch a professional custom website-complete with a powerful content management system-that saves you time and repetitive configuration. 

Divio Cloud reduces environment set-up frustration to the minimum - if not totally. We are migrating our Django projects to Divio Cloud because it allows us to focus on what really matters to our clients.


Pre-configured and optimised

Pre-configured and optimised project setups get you up and running faster. Mix-and-match your preferred configuration and tailor the look and feel to your unique needs. 

Add-ons can be used to extend your project with new features and easily integrate with popular third-party services. Add-ons are created and shared by the Divio developer community and are constantly growing.

With Divio Cloud I'm super fast and I can focus on what I like the most: developing custom applications. 

synchroniseD PROJECTS

Perfectly synchronised across the cloud

Divio developer tools can automatically set up your local work environment and make it easy to synchronise and deploy projects across the included testing and live environments.

Modern container-based hosting means projects behave and run in an identical manner everywhere, with no manual environment tweaking required.

Divio Cloud is able to transform a complicated deployment process into a very simple one that anyone can use. The web interface is also clear and easy to use for anybody within our company.


Passionate about great support 

Any questions or issues you have are handled by a support team that's passionate about all things Django and who significantly contributes to leading open-source projects.

Our support teams are distributed globally to ensure availability across time zones and can rapidly respond to any questions.

On top of a great and modern product, the support is extremely fast and handled by people who know what they are doing!


What's included?

Automated site monitoring

Built-in monitoring alerts our team to potential issues, so they can be dealt with before they become problems.


Manage users and their roles in different projects, from administrators to clients and freelancers, all in a team-centred workflow.


Optimised hosting for django CMS, Wagtail and Oscar, with one-click updates and expertly pre-configured projects.


Work with confidence, knowing you can roll back your database, code or media files to a previous state in seconds.


We managed your database, so it's always up-to-date, configured for security and optimised for Django applications.


All your project code is versioned in Git, so you can track and revert changes and use a Git workflow for project development.


Powerful command-line and visual tools help you quickly develop and deploy, while still having full control over the stack


Burstable soft limits mean your sites stay fast and responsive, regardless of traffic.


Get truly expert support from a team that delights in using Django and actively contributes code and know-how to the free software community.

Divio for Enterprise

The Divio platform empowers enterprise companies to deliver and iterate products and services at speed with the confidence of high-availability through multi-cloud technology.

Multi-cloud technology delivers high-availability by seamlessly deploying and managing applications across multiple cloud vendors including AWS, Azure and even existing on-premise infrastructure.

Learn more about Divio enterprise features and services.