Multiple cloud management
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Are you looking to simplify and optimise complex cloud infrastructure, or to migrate and run your apps in the cloud?

Divio offers easier, cheaper and less risky
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Modern cloud management

Let’s face it – you just want the cloud to work. Smoothly, reliably and without hassle. So we’ve created a comprehensive cloud management platform that provisions and manages cloud infrastructure and allows you to control multiple apps in one place, configured to your requirements.

Tools & Features

Divio’s cloud management services are further enhanced by our Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering. They’re complemented by easy-to-use tools and automated workflows, supporting your team as a whole and making you less dependent on specific individuals.

Scalability & Cost optimisation

If you’re looking for scalability, look no further. We ensure that you only pay for what you need and have the flexibility to respond to changing demands.

Security & Compliance

Our services are backed by outstanding security that fulfills the most demanding compliance requirements.

Whether you need public, private or multi cloud solutions, we take care of everything so you can focus on your apps.

infrastructure layer

Would you like one solution for all your cloud management requirements?

Whether the scenario is private cloud, public cloud or multicloud, Divio expertly configures and manages your infrastructure.

What’s more, we proactively manage and scale the system for you according to your needs, eliminating redundant servers and services.

All of which translates to cloud infrastructure cost savings of up to 60%.

unified cloud configuration and management layer

Ever wished it was easier to switch cloud vendors? Or to shift applications across different cloud infrastructure?

Well, now it is. We unify the cloud infrastructure layer, giving you a standardised and highly efficient way to work with any cloud infrastructure of your choice.

Easily migrate your app to another cloud infrastructure with just a few clicks.

platform as a service

Looking to unify your cloud operations? Simplify workflows through smart automation?

Great – that’s what Divio’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) is all about. Our unified cloud configuration and management layer lets you connect any cloud infrastructure and easily manage all your apps, automating those time-consuming repetitive tasks.

Want to switch providers? No problem. With our PaaS, you can move complex applications from one cloud vendor to another – in minutes.

We meet your needs throughout the application lifecycle. And when everything’s configured, our proactive monitoring and scaling services ensure reliable and secure performance at all times.

Development, deployment and maintenance have never been simpler.

tools and features

Would you like smarter tools that drive productivity?

We give you useful tools and features built into the Divio Control Panel for easy automation and optimal processes, with all team members connected.

Daily work is enhanced, and you have a faster development cycle, with easy deployment and local setup. Our tools also help to ensure business continuity and happy customers, with useful functionality such as automatic backup and restore.

Control and collaboration are effortless, and we can also onboard your team to make sure you get the most from our services. Access management is taken care of, and workflows are streamlined across the entire application lifecycle, enabling you to develop and deploy up to 10 times faster.

The result: higher productivity and lower blood pressure.

security compliance & support

Need support that goes the extra mile – and then even further?

We’ve got you covered, with hawkeyed monitoring of your entire system and the assurance of our service level agreements. We can also provide a support solution with a single point of contact for infrastructure and application issues.

We aim to exceed expectations, and our highly qualified team will stop at nothing to give you the ultimate support. That’s why we were voted no.1 for customer experience in a recent study of over 360 companies listed on Nasdaq First North.

The Divio platform is acknowledged for its outstanding security, and we fulfil the most demanding compliance requirements.

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