Divio Cloud Management Platform

Divio brings together the ease-of-use of a platform-as-a-service with cross-vendor cloud management features. Teams become more agile and able to autonomously build and deploy services across public, private and on-premises infrastructure with secure-by-default confidence and high availability multi-cloud technology.  

Divio allows the Prezi team to focus more on what’s important: creating the best possible content and services for our usersJonathan Schwartz, DIRECTOR OF Product, Prezi

Enterprise Cloud ManagementHow it works

Developing and deploying enterprise web applications is easy - create a new project, automatically set up a development environment with the Divio Desktop tools and start developing using your existing and preferred way of working. When you are ready to share your work, deploy to the included test environment for fast feedback or go-live with confidence.

Behind the scenes, the Divio provisions a best-fit cloud vendor such as AWS or Azure according to your regional preference, installs and integrates best-in-class cloud components on-the-fly and seamlessly applies all configuration and security settings.


Choose a platform and ready-to-go project type together with your preferred region from the Divio Control Panel. Your new project is provisioned and deployed to the cloud in a few moments. 


Automatically set up a local development environment using the Divio Desktop tools and begin working on your project using your existing development toolchain and process.


Deploy your project to the included test environment for sharing and fast feedback or go live with horizontal and vertical scaling and high availability options.

ENTERPRISE READYTrusted by global leaders

Fidelity International, a global saving management organisation, relies upon Divio to deliver innovative financial products and services at speed, with exceptional quality-of-service delivered through Divio multi-cloud technology. 

Multi-cloud technology delivers the highest availability through seamlessly deploying and managing applications across multiple cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure and even existing on-premises infrastructure. Find out more.


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What to consider when weighing up a CMP solution for your organisation.

FEATURESWhats included


Multi-cloud introduces a new level of high availability by bridging multiple cloud vendors to mitigate the risk of single-vendor outages. 


Custom network topologies dedicate an entire region to your organisation with team members deploying to the private region. 


Extensive on-boarding and training tailored to your organisation to help get teams of all sizes flying high quickly.


Projects are automatically and securely backed up with AES-256  encryption with delivery to your preferred offline storage. 


Automated always-on monitoring aims to prevent issues early on with immediate support intervention.


Manage users and their roles in different projects, from administrators to clients and freelancers, all in a team-centred workflow.


Powerful tools that developers love which can be distributed throughout your organisation to unify development environments. 


Burstable soft limits mean your sites stay fast and responsive, regardless of traffic.


Expert code-level and upwards support across multiple channels available 24/7.


Everything centralised in one place with easy-to-access per-project configuration - full and transparent access to your projects.

Extensive documentation

We love documentation and you can find answers in our constantly growing documentation - quick start guides, tutorials, how-to's and more.


Powerful command-line and GUI to help you get setup quickly and get out of the way - keep using your preferred development tools.


Together with Git for secure code storage, all project meta data is automatically backed-up with easy and intuitive restoration.


We managed your database, so it's always up-to-date, securely configured and integrated with your project.


All your project code is versioned in Git, so you can track and revert changes and use a Git workflow for project development.

Easy-To-UseSerious about support 

Our enterprise support offers 99.95% guaranteed uptime, backed by an extensive and robust SLA. We provide multiple support channels, available 24/7 and with experts on-hand, to suit the needs of all teams. In addition to offering platform on-boarding tailored to your organisation, we can also provide go-live assistance and unschedule "quick fix" code-level analysis.

4 Minutes

Median response time

100 %

Happiness ratings

1h 34min

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