The web platform that
keeps your apps healthy

The web platform that
unifies multiple clouds

Our easy-to-use platform lets you focus on your apps and takes care of any cloud - even on-premises. It is trusted by leading enterprises to transform and grow their digital presence.

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You bring your code
We do the plumbing

Stop wasting valuable expertise writing deployment scripts. Don’t risk your business on configuration mishaps and unproven disaster recovery processes.

Divio automatically provisions all required services, applies secure configurations and integrates them with your app stacks, on any cloud or on-premises solution.

We support your team and provide easy-to-use tools and a consistent workflow, all using software best-practices.

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Enjoy a human-centric approach
to efficient web development

Enjoy the benefits of a
fully managed architecture

Unify your infrastructure and eliminate cloud sprawl by using a trusted and proven architecture that we have built on open standards by following modern best practices.

Leading enterprises trust the Divio platform to manage thousands of global web properties, which supports distributed teams that are continuously developing and deploying simultaneously.

Our cloud know-how and mature platform can transform your business and prevent costly downtime or security breaches.

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We stay lean and nimble by
investing in automation

We have used our combined experiences from companies such as Spotify, Citibank and Credit Suisse to build the web platform that we were missing.

We keep ourselves agile by using what we have learned from high-growth businesses and by applying automation, we can be responsive to our users.

Open-source helps us build automation and prevent vendor lock-in and we are proud to use and actively contribute to open-source initiatives.

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