Web Application Security Testing with Divio

A full suite of checks and protections for your web application’s security

Annual Penetration Tests for Web Application Security

We will test the infrastructure setup annually for any issues in your web application’s security. We test the aspects of the setup that all Divio clients share. Or, if you require, we can also perform web application security tests for your setup specifically and individually.


Our 24/7 monitoring means we’ll alert you to any unusual activity in your applications. We'll also conduct regular status checks on your behalf to ensure the web application’s security.


When you face any kind of provider outage or business continuity issue concerning your web application security, CloudShift will allow you to move to a new provider or region quickly and easily.

The Web Application Security Controls You Want

  • Collaborators

  • Logs

  • Activity Stream


  • Offsite log shipping

  • Cloudflare WAF, DDoS, and CDN protection

Backups That Do the Heavy Lifting

  • Encrypted Cloud Backup Solutions

  • Automatic Backups and Restore

  • Creative and flexible Cloud Backup Solutions including restoration options

  • Advanced encryption (customer-owned CMK)

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)

  • Business Continuity (BCP)

  • Offsite backup destination