Zero Margin on Third Party Cloud Infrastructure

You can expect zero margin on third party cloud infrastructure (IaaS) services and resources. Divio is a cloud partner you can trust.

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Why are cloud infrastructure services always at cost with Divio?

We’ll always give you the straight cloud infrastructure services costs with zero margin on top. You can either receive them as part of your Divio bill, fully listed out, or you can receive them through your cloud vendor separately.

Why does that matter for your cloud-based infrastructure?

Well, other companies charge their clients a margin on their cloud infrastructure usage. We believe this causes a conflict of interest. 

If our goal is to streamline your cloud management to shrink cloud resource usage and cloud-based infrastructure costs, our margins would go down whenever we were successful. We’d actually be incentivized to fail on our promise to you to lower your cloud resource bills. 

That’s why we built Divio cloud-based infrastructure the way we did

We want you to save and still have a reliable, optimized cloud stack. It’s one of our values and we don’t want anything to get in the way of that. (And we do our best to save you money in other ways too: we also pass on reduced pricing through Divio’s partnerships.)

Why does it matter to us so much? It’s about trust and our commitment to you to lower your resource spending through our expert cloud infrastructure services. 

That’s why cloud infrastructure services are always at cost with Divio.

Maximize your potential with Divio’s cloud infrastructure services

  • Zero Extra Costs: Pay only for what you use with no added fees for your cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Transparent Billing: Detailed costs directly from your cloud or via Divio.

  • Conflict-Free: Our goals align with yours for lower cloud expenses.

  • Innovative Cloud Infrastructure Management: Leverage Divio's cloud innovation for a stable app environment, backed by automatic updates and maintenance for hassle-free operations.

  • Dedicated Support: Experience 24x7 support from full-stack experts, offering tailored onboarding, training, and quick-fix analysis for uninterrupted service​.