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Enterprise-ready features and support

django CMS has been actively developed and maintained by Divio since 2007 with frequent updates and regular LTS (long-term support) releases. It's backed by dedicated support and full-time developers.

django CMS is built around the needs of large-scale multi-lingual site deployments, with both developers and site owners in mind.

You can immediately launch an optimised and ready-to-go django CMS professional site on the Divio platform.  

We were so happy with django CMS on Ubuntu Developer that we decided to use it for Ubucon too.


Expert support from the creators

django CMS is professionally supported by Divio and has been actively developed for over 11 years with a globally distributed team that are available 24/7 to help with any issues. 

LTS versions are available and come with a 2 year on-going support promise providing important updates and further improvements.

Divio can provide different support packages for your needs. See how the different options compare.


For developers

django CMS was originally conceived by web developers frustrated with the technical and security limitations of other systems. django CMS is a well-behaved Django application.

Any Python developer will quickly find themselves at home with it, and enjoy its easy integration with other Django applications.

The django CMS documentation is widely recognised as best-in-class and covers all aspect of django CMS extensively. 


For publishers and content creators

django CMS is user friendly and has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

It's built around the needs of multi-lingual publishing by default, not as an afterthought: all websites, pages and content can exist in multiple language versions.

SEO and content marketing features are built-in and ensure your site is easily indexed and understood by search engines to promote your content.

Add Features fast

The addon ecosystem

Addons are created and shared by the django CMS developer community and provide ready integrations with many third-party services and new extended features to save you time.

Addons are available on the django CMS Marketplace and available under business-friendly open-source licences so you can have confidence in the code you add to your django CMS project.

django CMS add-ons are well behaved and work seamlessly with other Python modules.

Considering django CMS for your company?

We know each organisation's needs are unique, and integration with your existing systems and infrastructure is important. Book a time that suits you and we can answer any questions.