Cloud management solution that
keeps your apps healthy

Cloud management solution that
unifies multiple clouds

Our easy-to-use multi cloud platform lets you focus on your apps and takes care of any cloud management system. It is trusted by leading enterprises to transform and grow their digital presence.

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Divio 1

Bring your stacks together
in one hyper-flexible multi cloud platform

App stacks unite popular platforms and frameworks with additional cloud professional services such as MySQL, RabbitMQ and Elastic, pre-configured and integrated for you.

Choose from our existing app stacks, or work your way with an own-configuration. Configuration-as-code support keeps your apps portable and self-contained.

Addons complement app stacks and speed up development by providing commonly used functionality, such as third-party service integrations.

Unify public clouds and
on-premises workflows

Our multi cloud support assists deployment and management through a consistent single interface instead of multiple cloud vendors. You can avoid vendor-specific know-how, deflect lock-in and side-step changes in workflows.

By using Divio's cloud management platform to unify clouds, you can seamlessly shift apps between regions and cloud vendors through self-service features.

Cloud shifting makes it possible to take advantage of the compliance features offered by cloud vendor regions and physically move apps closer to the end user for an improved user experience.

Experience a modern approach to
web application management

Connected pipelines that
deliver configuration-free services

The services your web apps depend on are fully managed and come pre-configured, and you can access them through well defined routes.

Service configuration and connection occurs during project creation, and on-demand when adding or scaling existing services. We use federated access to prevent accidental misconfiguration to mitigate the risk of human-error.

A common application view unites the services your web apps consume and provides a transparent, easily-accessible overview.

More features for greater
workflow efficiency

Automated backups

Scheduled and on-demand back ups keep your data safe and worry-free. You can easily restore your app to its previous state.

Ready-to-go environments

Get a head start in your development by automatically provisioning local, testing and live environments.


Always-on vulnerability scanning and threat analysis keeps your apps safe with intelligent update discovery and suggestions for your addons.

Code repositories

We include a private Git-based repository, and support for popular Git providers such as Github, GitLab and BitBucket.

Simple scaling

Add or remove resources and services to your app to meet demand and provide new functionality.


Keep your credentials private with single sign-on and support for existing account management systems through open protocols.

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