You’re Not Wrong, Pricing Should Make Sense

Divio’s cloud cost optimization is rooted in our industry knowledge and our efficiency. Our goal is to keep it clear and simple, and to keep your costs down.

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Cloud Cost Management: Transparent Pricing

  • No hidden surprises.

  • You'll always know what you're paying for with our clearly explained pricing.

  • You only pay for the cloud infrastructure resources and services you use.

  • Bundled packages for Divio’s products and services. These scale to match your requirements and budget.

Cloud Cost Management: Affordable Pricing

  • You receive third party infrastructure and cloud services at cost.

  • Your cloud setup is constantly and consistently optimized for usage and cost-efficiency.

  • Your Divio setup bundles together cloud partner services, integrated cost efficiency processes, premium features, and premium support. All this comes together with an overall discount apart from your additional operational savings.

  • With Divio’s cloud cost optimization, you get managed cloud infrastructure, PaaS, and included services for much less than you’d pay separately.

Billing How You Want with Our Cloud Cost Optimization

If you want, you can get centralized billing from Divio for all needed services and you’ll see everything on just one bill — the one from Divio


you can receive your Divio bill separately, and still receive individual bills from your existing vendors and services accounts. It’s up to you.

3 Ways We Optimize Your Cloud Costs

  1. 1.

    Constant, Proactive Cloud Management

    • Automatic scaling kicks in when needed, so you're only running the cloud resources and services that you need.

    • Clever cloud infrastructure management using reserved instances.

    • Market knowledge to always get you the best vendor deal.

  2. 2.

    Saving DevOps Efforts and Operational Costs

    • When you centralize your cloud management, all your teams are using a single tool instead of dozens of them.

    • You can make sure that all teams use only the cloud resources and services they need. This also means no resources will be left running unnecessarily.

    • Avoid confusing billing and conflicts leading to money left on the table.

  3. 3.

    Using CloudShift to Easily Migrate Apps

    Using CloudShift, you can migrate your apps to a new cloud vendor or region whenever you want. That means it’s not just an Ops tool. It’s also a convenience tool, a business continuity tool, and a savvy way to optimize your cloud setup.

    • Did you know some cloud regions can cost 33% more? Move your apps to a new region easily by using Divio’s CloudShift feature.

    • Choose a new provider that costs less.

    • Beat vendor lock-in so you can make unhindered business decisions.