Beat Cloud Vendor Lock-in

With CloudShift, it’s easy to migrate your applications from one provider or cloud region to another. It works with just one click.

Don't limit yourself to one cloud vendor

    • Lift and shift your applications to cloud vendors or regions through Divio’s PaaS whenever you want

    • Pursue a better deal freely whenever you see one 

    • Work with another cloud vendor/region whenever you decide

    • Improve your web apps’ reliability and business contingency 

    • Move to providers that offer the kind of security and compliance setups you require

    • Get the bespoke services and add-ons that you need that aren’t supplied with your current deal

Dial in to Compliance and Security Needs

Compliance needs can make or break deals with potential clients. 

CloudShift lets you meet your compliance and business contingency needs for IaaS with a click. Simply move your web applications to the region or provider they require—job done. 

If security requirements are only met by one cloud provider, you can shift web applications to that provider without worrying about infrastructure challenges, exit problems and other snags.

And if you decide to swap back, that’s easy too.

End Reliance on Experts and Advisors

With CloudShift, you don’t have to be a DevOps expert yourself to move to a new cloud vendor or cloud region, or to deploy on the new setup after migrating. Many businesses turn to individual experts or advisors whose availability, expertise or costs may be incompatible with the direction the business is taking. CloudShift means you have your freedom back to make these decisions without a high cost behind migration.