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Batteries included

Pre-configured platforms and projects for Node.js, PHP and Python including Express, django CMSWagtail, Flask, Symfony and Laravel. Docker-based containers keep your local, testing and live environments consistent and help make your apps scalable and portable.

Boilerplates provide popular front-end technologies that can be automatically integrated into your project at creation time.

You can also build your apps from scratch with a bare-bones container and fully customise it to your needs.


Powerful development tools

Divio Desktop is an easy way to synchronise and deploy your local development environment with our included testing and live environments. Your local development environment is automatically set up and configured with Docker.

The included Divio CLI is a super-powerful command line tool that simplifies common tasks and can be readily integrated into Jenkins and other build tools.

"The tools in the Divio Cloud family keep improving. They are useful, reliable and straightforward to use, and they're making our work as Django developers way easier."


Git-based version control

The Divio platform uses Git to version and track changes between your local, test and live environment deployments. Private Git repositories are included for each project, and changes between your environments can easily be visualised and reviewed for deployment.

Pick a platform or hosting provider

There are many hosting providers to choose from. So how does the Divio platform stack up?

Divio vs. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean gives you a plain old virtual server and everything else is up to you. The Divio platform, on the other hand, is dedicated to the needs of Django developers. It’s optimised for their work and for Django hosting, by Django experts.

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Divio vs. HEROKU

Heroku offers hosting for a variety of languages: PHP, Ruby, Java and others. Divio Cloud is built in Django, by Django experts and is dedicated to Django hosting. It’s built around the needs of Django developers and optimised for their work.

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Divio vs. AWS

AWS is the world’s biggest hosting toolbox and offers you almost everything you could want-virtual servers, storage and databases-but it’s up to you to join all the pieces together, and it’s up to you to get it all right. The Divio platform does this all for you.

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