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Divio is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. We believe in remote working and have a widely distributed multi-national team with additional offices in Zurich and New York.

We unite Swiss engineering quality with Swedish design sensibilities. Our cloud management solution puts user experience first.

Our journey in making
web apps easier to build

Divio’s story started around fourteen years ago in Zurich, Switzerland. As a full-service digital agency, Divio had a goal: to build beautifully crafted digital experiences by merging design and engineering excellence.

Around that time, the Django web framework was gaining recognition. Divio was an early adopter, attracted by Django’s commitment to the DRY (“don’t repeat yourself”) principle and its rich out-of-the-box functionality. Divio maintains that commitment to Django to this day. We are long-standing supporters of the Django Software Foundation and the global Django community.

In response to client needs for easy management of their web content, Divio began to make extensive use of django CMS, which was one of the first compelling open-source CMS solutions built with Django. Within a short time, Divio had become a major contributor to the project, and took over its development. Under our stewardship, django CMS rapidly became one of the leading open-source content management tools in the Python ecosystem, and its adoption grew swiftly, with organisations such as NASA, National Geographic, L'Oreal, Prezi and Canonical investing in it for their websites.

Meanwhile, Divio’s client-base also expanded rapidly, attracting major Swiss brands such as Orange, Zürcher Kantonalbank and Swisscom.

While working to deliver client projects, the team found the available hosting solutions difficult to use, unnecessarily complicated and sometimes just downright ugly. We set out to build the service we were missing, in which user experience and productivity come first. We developed features and functionality incrementally, informed by first-hand experiences in supporting clients.

What started as an internal tool for the company’s own benefit grew into a platform in its own right. As Divio’s clients witnessed the speed and ease at which their bespoke web projects were deployed, more of them wanted to move over to the platform. Our agency had become a platform developer, and Divio was reborn as a product company.

Today the Divio platform is trusted by leading enterprises, such as Fidelity International. Our founder, Christian Bertschy, of Swiss-Swedish nationality, remains a core part of the leadership team and has overseen our transition to a Swedish company with headquarters in Stockholm and offices in Zurich and New York.

Our growth relies on word-of-mouth, and we like to think, our platform is where Swiss engineering meets Swedish design sensibilities.

Invest early in automation to
work smarter in the long run

We believe in focus - investing in high-quality engineering and a user experience-first mindset that means we avoid shortcuts and chasing feature-parity at the expense of usability.

Introducing automation plays an important role in keeping us agile and benefits our users by avoiding overly complicated user experiences that lead to potentially costly misconfiguration and data mishaps caused by human error.

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