Swiss Build Quality Driven by Swedish Design

Our cloud solution for web apps puts user experience first, uniting Swiss engineering quality with Swedish design sensibilities. 

Divio is headquartered in Stockholm and listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. We’re a multi-national remote team with additional offices in Zurich and New York.

Divio’s story started around 2006 in Zurich, Switzerland. 

As a full-service digital agency, Divio had a goal: to build beautifully-crafted digital experiences for large enterprises. We strove to merge design and engineering excellence for every client and were passionate about developing web applications in Python.

Around that time, the Django web framework was also gaining recognition. Divio was an early adopter, attracted by Django’s commitment to the DRY (“don’t repeat yourself”) principle and its rich out-of-the-box functionality. 

Divio remains committed to Django to this day. We are long-standing supporters of the Django Software Foundation and the global Django community.

In 2008, Divio started the Open-Source Content Management System django CMS. Over 12 years, in collaboration with the open-source community, Divio developed django CMS into an award-winning enterprise CMS that is used by various leading companies across the world. 

Under our stewardship, django CMS rapidly became one of the leading open-source content management tools in the Python ecosystem, and its adoption grew swiftly, with organisations such as NASA, National Geographic, L'Oreal, Prezi and Canonical investing in it for their websites.

But we faced a new challenge. The team found the available web application hosting solutions difficult to use, unnecessarily complicated and sometimes just downright ugly.

Inevitably, we set out to build the service we were missing, in which user experience and productivity come first and the Divio PaaS was born. 

We developed features and functionality incrementally, informed by first-hand experiences in supporting clients and digital agencies.

What started as an internal tool for the company’s own benefit grew into a platform in its own right. More and more clients saw what we had built and wanted to use our platform. Our agency had become a cloud platform developer, and Divio was reborn as a product company.

Today the Divio platform is trusted by leading international enterprises, such as Fidelity International, UBS Switzerland AG and Walker & Dunlop.

Trusted by industry-leading companies