The Cloud Advice You Need to Solve Your Team's DevOps Problems

From our very first meeting with you, we will offer support, information and guidance.

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Figure Out the Best Cloud Solution for You

We’re happy to share our years of experience and specialist insights with you as you consider using Divio.

It’s important to us that we can give you all the knowledge you need to make solid and informed decisions for your business. Sometimes it relates to what our products or our trusted, veteran partners can do for you but, honestly, a lot of the time it doesn’t. 

And yes, sometimes moving to the cloud and containerisation are not the right choices for your business. We’ll be happy to let you know if that’s true for you. 

It doesn’t make sense to us for customers to have a bad fit solution. One of our promises to you is to always give you the best advice for your business and team’s needs

Our advice typically covers 7 broad categories

  1. 1.
    Cloud Setup Issues Solved

    "What is the best cloud setup for our business?”
    “How do I know what kind of cloud to pick?”

  2. 2.
    Specific Technical Advice

    “How do we scale our applications?”
    “How should we prepare the cloud infrastructure?”
    "How do you increase caching?"
    “How should we handle load balancing?”

  3. 3.
    Security and Compliance Explained

    “How do I protect myself from attacks?”
    “How do I set up a solid, automated disaster recovery system?”

  4. 4.
    Migration Questions Answered

    “What do I need to watch out for when migrating to the cloud?”
    "How do we migrate to Divio?"

  5. 5.
    Guidance on Containerization

    “Should we containerize our applications?”
    “How do we dockerize?”

  6. 6.
    Cloud Service Expectations

    “What uptimes do I need and can I expect?”
    “What happens if my site is down?
    “How quickly will support help me in case of an incident?”

  7. 7.
    Billing and Costs

    "What's the cheapest solution?”
    “How do I optimize my cloud costs?”
    “What can we do to cut costs?