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Introducing Metrics: Get Insights into Your Web Apps

Metrics provide an easy-to-use way of understanding your web applications resource consumption. Learn about this long awaited insights feature on Divio here.

Thomas Bailey

Thomas Bailey


Our latest platform release introduces web app metrics - a long standing feature request that we have been working on for some time to be able to deliver results quickly without any performance penalty to the application being measured.

In this initial feature release, the metrics include CPU and memory usage and are sampled every minute in order to minimise the overhead in profiling an application. As with all Divio web apps, databases and other services that your web apps may be using are fully managed and excluded from metrics so you can focus on your web apps.

The data collected is presented in six, 12 and 24 hour segments, with a complete seven day overview.

Metrics preview

Metrics are available across environments, allowing you to evaluate resource consumption of a release on the included test environments before releasing to live.

You might notice that memory usage is measured using MiB or Mebibytes. In short, this is to provide more accurate results and especially relevant when measuring memory consumption.

Using web app metrics

The most obvious way to use app metrics is to decide how much resources you want to allocate to your web app. You can use the self-service features of Divio to easily increase or decrease resources depending on your needs.

The seven day profile can give a sense for peak consumption and be used to determine how much resources your web app needs.

Planning ahead becomes easier

Metrics are also useful for making projections - if your current web app is consuming 80% of your resources and you intend to launch a promotion campaign or might expect seasonal traffic, you can preempt the need to add resources.

Spot potential for optimisation effortlessly

New versions of your web app can also be measured against previous versions and aligned with predictable events, such as running mail campaigns or running ads, to better understand where optimisations can be made.

The metrics feature will continue to evolve and we would like your feedback to better understand what metrics you would love to have presented or find useful.

The metrics feature is available to all users who have enabled access beta feature. Under your account profile in the Divio Control Panel, you can easily opt-in and opt-out of having access to beta features. Once you have opted-in, you will see the metrics feature within your project view.

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