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Introducing Java with Spring Boot Included

Our latest platform release includes support for Java 11, and comes with the popular Spring Boot framework pre-configured and integrated. Find out more about this exciting new development here.

Thomas Bailey

Thomas Bailey


According to the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results, Java remains one of the most commonly used language choices amongst developers, with 39.2% of professional respondents using it.

Our new Java app stack comprises Java 11 as a new platform-type together with Spring Boot as a default framework. As with all Divio projects, it comes out-of-the-box with its own Postgres database service with everything configured and included to get started.

What is Spring Boot?

Sprint Boot takes an opinionated view of the popular Spring framework and provides the scaffolding to quickly build Spring-based applications with supporting third-party libraries and services.

The Java developer experience consists of the Java Development Kit (JDK) which is used to compile and build Java applications and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) which runs the compiled Java application. In a typical scenario, a developer needs the JDK installed whilst the server then only needs the JRE.

How to Use With Divio

Divio uses containers to build and run applications locally meaning that for local development, having a JDK installed is not required, rather everything comes within the container to to build and run your Java application. This is an important benefit since it provides isolation from an existing development environment and means Java applications that take advantage of newer Java features can be built without affecting the local development environment for legacy applications.

Once deployed, Java applications are provisioned to your chosen cloud region with their own preconfigured JRE where all resources are dedicated to running your Java application and without the overhead of the complete JDK.

As with all our app stacks, scaling up a Java application can be done simply by adding more instances. The Divio platform will automatically provision and manage instances including supporting services such as databases and traffic management to enable your Java applications to dynamically grow.

The Java app stack is available now for all account types including our free developer plan.

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