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Support Policy

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Our support commitment

At Divio, we have a commitment to your success.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • providing our customers with comprehensive resources in the form of help articles and technical documentation

  • providing cloud infrastructure support channels for when additional assistance is required depending on your subscription.

Customer Feedback

We take customer feedback very seriously, and use it in a continuous cycle of product and service improvement. Our customer support team works closely with our product and site reliablity teams to give the customer a voice within the company.

Documentation Resources

We are committed to maintaining up-to-date and accurate resources. These include introductory materials and tutorials, how-to guides for common tasks, reference guides to components in the system, and explanations of concepts and technologies.

We update these resources on a continuous basis, and welcome feedback from our users.

Divio Support

We are committed to maintaining high standards of technical support when required by our users, and to setting and meeting clear expectations.

The expectations described below represent our support guarantees. In practice, we seek to exceed those expectations.

General Conditions of Support

Support requests can only be considered if made:

  • from a registered Divio user account

  • for a project or service associated with that account

  • via one of the contact methods listed below

  • for issues related to our platform

Development Consulting and Services

Divio does not provide professional consulting or development services. However, we work closely with a global network of partner organisations with web development expertise. For further information, please refer to our our global partner network.

Support Tiers and Upgrades

We provide two basic support tiers, Standard and Priority. Upgraded support such as guaranteed critical response times is available through Service Level Agreements.

This section defines the available contact methods, response times and hours and limits of subject scope for each tier/upgrade.

Standard Support

The Standard support tier sets the baseline for technical support. Depending on the project, certain support questions will be handled by the Divio Partner responsible for supporting the project.

Limitation of Scope

We are able to provide support for our platform only. This includes:

  • general questions about use of the platform and its tools

  • use and configuration of the local development environment

  • best practices for project configuration on Divio Cloud

  • best practices for project migration to Divio Cloud

  • deployment issues related to our infrastructure

We are not able to provide support for:

  • general questions about development

  • debugging of user applications or third-party software

  • users’ local hardware/software set-up

  • alpha or beta features of addons or the platform

Response Hours and Times

Standard support is offered on a best-effort basis, and during weekdays only.

We do not guarantee response times under Standard support. Depending on the nature of the issue and other support priorities for our team, you may receive a response from within less than an hour to a few days.

If guaranteed critical incident response times from our team are required, please contact us to discuss this.

Priority Support

Priority support is available for projects running on higher-lever subscriptions or according to agreement (including Business plan projects created before November 2019). Priority support includes all the provisions of Standard support, with additional benefits and fewer limitations.

To enjoy the benefits of Priority support, users should contact us using the dedicated Messenger support contact button available on the dashboard of all eligible projects. Using this will invoke Priority support, and ensure quicker routing to one of our team.

Limitation of Scope

Support scope is as for Standard support.

Response Hours and Times

Priority support queries are routed more quickly to a human responder than Standard support queries, and are given priority in our support queues. We aim to answer all Priority support queries within one business day, during standard support hours. However, we do not guarantee response times under Priority support.

If guaranteed critical incident response times from our team are required, please contact us to discuss this.

Support Upgrades

Premium support is available on a per-project basis, as an upgrade for eligible projects. Premium support includes all the provision of Priority support, with additional benefits and fewer limitations.

Premium support offers direct contact with a member of the support team, via Messenger or a dedicated email address.

Limitation of Scope

In addition to the scope of Standard and Priority support, Premium support includes:

  • debugging assistance for high-priority issues

  • access to Divio experts for advice and assistance on technical matters

  • an on-boarding programme, tailored to the needs of your team

  • go-live checklist support

  • pro-active round-the-clock monitoring

  • additional project/service management

Response Hours and Times

Premium support queries are given highest priority in our support queues and answered first. We aim to answer all non-urgent Premium support queries within a few hours during standard support hours.

For critical issues (see definitions below), reported via our agreed critical report channels, we provide guaranteed 24/7 response times of less than 30 minutes.

Critical Incidents

We take customer feedback very seriously, and use it in a continuous cycle of product and service improvement. Our customer support team works closely with our product and site reliablity teams to give the customer a voice within the company.Critical incidents are emergency issues requiring urgent attention. Guaranteed response times of less than 30 minutes are available for Premium support contracts.

Our policy defines the following as critical incidents:

  • complete failure of functionality, or key functionalities are very limited or unavailable

  • damaging or illegal content has is publicly available from the system, and must be taken down

  • urgently-required management is not possible

  • security vulnerabilities in the product compromise confidentiality or the integrity of the data managed in the product

The following are not considered critical incidents under our support policy:

  • functionality is partial or limited

  • the system exhibits errors in display or behaviour

  • other errors that compromise the behaviour or performance of the system

Report an Incident

In the case of a critical incident requiring urgent response, contact with Divio must be made according to one of the contractually-agreed critical incident report channels.

No guarantees of response can be given for critical incident reports made through any other channels. Only critical incident reports should be made through these channels.

Community Support

In addition to our official support channels, we encourage users to ask and answer Divio-related questions on Stack Overflow, and to tag those questions with the Divio tag.

Our support team monitor and may choose to respond to suitable questions on Stack Overflow. Please note that this is a strictly unofficial channel for support, and while it can be useful, Divio is not able either to make guarantees or give expectations for any response.