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  • 31. March, 2021

    Control Panel changes in March

    New features

    • Released new activity stream with pagination and asynchronous loading.
    • Optimised organisation creation and management.
    • Optimised the applications overview.
    • Added information text to the user when the organisation collaborators limit is reached.
    • Added captcha on the registration page.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Migrated add-on packages to S3.
    • Fixed a bug where confirmation modal wouldn't show up when changing subscription.
    • Fixed a subscription caching issue that would break the subscription screen right after editing.
    • Fixed a bug with commits modal breaking due to cache issues.
    • Added better error handling for webhook triggers if the branch does not exist.
    • Remove user inactivity notices and automatic websites removal as all websites now belong to an organisation.
  • 25. March, 2021

    Migration of RabbitMQ to backing services

    As part of an effort to consolidate backing services management, we are moving the RabbitMQ configuration from environment variables to backing services.

    Following this change, the BROKER_URL and RABBITMQ_ERLANG_COOKIE environment variables will not be user-editable anymore.

    A new DEFAULT_AMQP_BROKER_URL environment variable (aliased to BROKER_URL for backwards compatibility) will be listed under the BUILT-IN environment variables. The RABBITMQ_ERLANG_COOKIE environment variable will not be provided anymore.

  • 18. March, 2021

    New version of the Divio App is now available

    New features

    • Fixed a bug that prevented the app from correctly working with latest version of Docker for Mac.
    • Fixed a minor bug that would make pushing to feature branches difficult from the app.
    • Updated divio-cli to 3.11.0.

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  • 17. March, 2021

    New version of the Divio CLI is now available

    New features

    • Fix database issue during project setup.

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  • 28. February, 2021

    Control Panel changes in February

    New features

    • Improved project navigation interface.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Fixed an issue when transferring projects.
    • Fixed an issue when adding collaborators.
    • Fixed an issue with subscriptions during the creation of mirrors.
  • 31. January, 2021

    Control Panel changes in January

    New features

    • Improved frontend loading speeds for several components.
    • Improved subscription views to be more responsive.
    • Minor wording updates across the UI for consistency.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Fixed an issue that would prevent all the logs from fetching while tailing.
    • Fixed incorrect service icons in the backups view.
    • Fixed issues with tutorial messages.
    • Added redirects from certain beta views if they are not accessible.

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