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  • 31. December, 2020

    Control Panel changes in December

    New features

    • The new header and toolbar interface is now live.
    • The project creation has been improved and loads faster.
    • The project search is now faster.
    • The credit card payment method is now SCA compliant.
    • The UI for branch saving has been improved.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Improvements on several components throughout the interface.
    • The branch selection has been removed from the repository view in favour of the dashboard.
    • Fixed issues with 404 and 500 error pages.
    • Fixed the browser back button not working correctly in the new logs view.
    • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly show removed variable in the list of built-in variables.
    • Fixed several bugs that would leave dropdowns open after an action.
    • Fixed a bug that would cut off the organisation name when there was clearly enough space in the header.
    • Fixed some of the messages having inconsistent styling.
    • Fixed a bug in account deletion.
  • 30. November, 2020

    Control Panel changes in November

    New features

    • The "SSH", "Clone" and "Setup" commands can now be easily copied from every environment card.
    • The "Env Variables" section now shows built-in variables that are available for each environment.
    • Certain API endpoints are now available for anonymous users as well.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Added dark and monochrome background options to logs.
    • Domain transfers can now be handled via the API.
    • Emails are now case insensitive.
    • Backup download emails now show the correct time that the backup was taken.
    • Fixed an issue where project owners lost collaborators status when they are organisation administrators.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented lines from being wrapped in logs.
    • Fixed issues with detection of ad blockers for the Intercom integration.
  • 02. November, 2020

    New version of the Divio App is now available

    New features

    • Updated divio-cli to 3.9.0.

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  • 31. October, 2020

    Control Panel changes in October

    New features

    • Released new Services feature to everyone.
    • Released new Metrics feature to everyone.
    • Added brand new Logs UI with more filters for environments.
    • Added support for read-only external Git repositories (on request).
    • Revised the Invoices frontend with the new API.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Added new icons and wording to the project creation screen.
    • Improved the project creation screen on smaller devices and changed default project creation options.
    • Maintenance runs and CDN clearance now shows up in the activity stream.
    • Included tutorial message on the metrics view.
    • Fixed the text display when requesting new demos without any free slots.
  • 30. October, 2020

    New version of the Divio CLI is now available

    New features

    • Added divio project logs command
    • Added divio project ssh command

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  • 30. September, 2020

    Control Panel changes in September

    New features

    • Added new release commands panel under the project "Settings".

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Removed unnecessary notifications for specific actions.
    • Cannot change a branch anymore while a project is locked.
    • Fixed a glitch on the service section when an icon is missing.
    • Fixed tag handling in the marketplace profile that caused the view to fail.
    • Fixed race conditions that prevent notifications from showing up.
    • Fixed the content and display of the demo view.

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