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  • 30. June, 2021

    Control Panel changes in June

    New features

    • Updated the users accounts management view.
    • Added a "not a mirror" and "only mirror" filter in the project overview (beta).
    • Require a payment method to be added to the organisation before any deployment can be triggered.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • It is now possible to remove organisation members without a personal organisation.
    • Project ownership no longer blocks organisation membership revocation.
    • Fixed bug with the copy type (fork or mirror) during project duplication.
    • Fixed multiple problems with dropdowns focus states and keyboard navigation.
    • Made avatars in the activity stream API behave same as in IAM APIs.
    • Fixed inviting multiple collaborators in the collaborators view.
    • Made email duplication check case insensitive when inviting collaborators.
    • Fixed copy to clipboard not always working.
    • Fixed various visual alignment issues.
    • Added an explanation message about the credit card requirements when deploying projects.
  • 16. June, 2021

    Change in the non-production deployment procedure

    We are changing the way non-production environments are deployed by the infrastructure.

    Historically, test environments took a few shortcuts during deployment in order to save a little bit of time. Today's change brings them in line with production environments, in order to reduce the risk of subtle differences causing hard to detect bugs.

    Ideally, you should not see any differences, but in case you do, please let us know by reaching out to our support.

  • 31. May, 2021

    Control Panel changes in May

    New features

    • Added filters and sorting to the application list for beta users.
    • Added display style switcher to the application list for beta users.
    • Improved project duplication interface.
    • Improved organisation ownership transfer.
    • Improved application rename UI.
    • Improved organisation collaborators management UI.
    • Improved context switcher UI.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Added better error message if a deployment timed out but is still running in the background.
    • Added logic to fail deployments if the organisation billing is suspended or the application is suspended.
    • Added support for last push/pull states on repositories.
    • Added validation for application renaming via API.
    • Expanded the API for organisation membership management.
    • Exposed managed services in the API.
    • Exposed managed services in the UI.
    • Improved Adblock detection for Intercom.
    • Ensured password reset tokens cannot be reused more than once.
    • Fixed bug in screenshot updates.
    • Fixed Recaptcha error on the registration page.
  • 05. May, 2021

    New version of the Divio App is now available

    New features

    • Updated divio-cli to 3.12.0.

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  • 05. May, 2021

    New version of the Divio CLI is now available

    New features

    • Added support for Divio zones.
    • Added support for branches of environments on project setup.
    • Added better DB error handling.
    • Updated dependencies which removes support for python 3.5 and python 2.
    • Resolved YAML deprecation warning.

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  • 30. April, 2021

    Control Panel changes in May

    New features

    • Import project from git is now available for beta users.
    • Added better loading animations for action buttons.
    • Released new header improvements for faster loading.
    • Decommissioned the "copy" application duplication method and kept "fork" as the new default.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Improved the handling of multiple webhook triggers in a short period.
    • Fixed an unhandled error in the backups view that could lead to a crash.
    • Fixed an issue on the edit subscription screen when it wasn't clear that the submit button is disabled due to things still fetching.
    • Fixed a bug when cancelling a subscription where the error wasn't correctly shown.
    • Restore a backup to fork should now suggest the same organisation for the current project.
    • Removed ssh -p wrapper from "Copy command" in the cron job section of an application.

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