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  • 31. December, 2021

    Control Panel changes in December

    New features & Improvements

    • Added keyboard shortcuts.
    • Added durations to deployment tooltips.
    • Added performance optimizations for several views.
    • Added link to logs for the current time period from metrics.
    • Added '1h' interval for metrics in the frontend.
    • Added minor improvements to the subscription screen.
    • Improved backups user interface and performance.
    • Improved loading states for several views.
    • Improved SSO implementation.
    • Restoring service instance backups to service instances of different services but the same service type are now allowed.
    • Service instances can now be renamed.

    Bug fixes

    • Removed restore backup to fork functionality.
    • Fixed a bug when clicking the refresh button in metrics would change timeslot to 12h, but it would still fetch correct previous timeslot.
    • Fixed a bug that would make the same message appear over and over.
    • Fixed a bug in logs when scrolling up would continue tailing logs and shifting scroll position.
    • Fixed an issue when restoring backups across different service endpoints.
    • Fixed a bug with organisation avatars not being displayed for home organisations.
    • Disable search shortcut when modal is active.
    • Make sure the colours for containers in metrics are consistent.
    • Service instances are now consistently sorted.
  • 17. December, 2021

    New version of the Divio CLI is now available

    New features

    • Fixed issue with zombie processes in WSL after launching a web page.

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  • 30. November, 2021

    Control Panel changes in November

    We focused on internal changes in this release. More improvements coming in December 🥳

  • 24. November, 2021

    New version of the Divio App is now available

    New features

    • Updated the divio-cli to 3.15.0. This introduces a breaking change where proxy server url settings must start with explicit url schema.
    • Updated the link to download Docker Desktop for Windows.
    • Fixed a bug where recent Docker Desktop versions couldn't be started on Windows.
    • Updated dependencies inside divio-app-toolbox image.

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  • 31. October, 2021

    Control Panel changes in October

    New features

    • Improved notification implementation.
    • Improved privacy modal.
    • Improved the Divio App teaser.
    • Improved Control Panel performance.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Database restore endpoint now returns a 400 error if the environment does not have a database, and the restore task will simply do nothing without a database.
    • Added graceful fallback if SEPA info is not available.
    • Fixed modal backdrop sometimes flickering.
    • Fixed a bug with the maintenance view not displaying all the messages.
    • Added several stability fixes.
  • 25. October, 2021

    New version of the Divio CLI is now available

    New features

    • The proxy env vars (http_proxy and https_proxy) require explicit schema in the url of the proxy server.
    • Simplified dependencies and removed strict pinning. We now allow more flexibility of dependencies when the CLI gets installed into an existing environment.
    • Added optional error reporting.
    • Fixed issue when trying to detect a docker-compose database.

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