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  • July

    31. July, 2022

    Control Panel changes in July

    New features

    • Added SSO login for enterprise clients.

    • Improved Domains view interface.

    • Improved Activities view to be more readable.

    • Made partially failed backups more explicit in the UI and distinguished running and queued backups.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Fixed a bug with the login page sometimes throwing CSRF error.

    • Fixed addon issue when trying to access the wrong organisation attribute.

    • Fixed a bug with invoices displaying UUID of a country instead of its name.

    • Fixed an edge case when adding a collaborator would make an organisation run out of collaborators slots, but the UI wouldn't reflect that.

    • Fixed an issue in the dashboard view that caused the application not to render.

    • Fixed a problem with addon file downloads returning arbitrary files.

    • Fixed a bug where file input wouldn't correctly reset after removing a file.

    • Fixed an issue when error messages would not show up in certain situations.

    • Removed toolbar from login/sharing screens.

    • Fixed a bug with broadcast message invisibly covering header links.

  • Divio App

    19. July, 2022

    New version of the Divio App is now available

    New features

    • Added a workaround for a git bug that would fail every git command due to a mounting problem with Docker.

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  • June

    30. June, 2022

    Control Panel changes in June

    New features

    • Improved header and toolbar on mobile devices.

    • Added check to prohibit archiving an application if it still has active mirrors.

    • Added logic to pull changes from an external repository when changing branches.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Fixed a bug where search wouldn't be available on mobile.

    • Fixed a bug with the cookie bar "Accept" button not clickable on mobile.

    • Fixed a bug where paginated application activities wouldn't load correctly if filters were applied.

    • Fixed a few remaining occurrences of the word project in the UI.

    • Enabled human-readable error messages on repository checks.

  • May

    31. May, 2022

    Control Panel changes in May

    New features

    • Added the option to select the default branch during project creation and import. The default branch is now main.

    • Added new SSH key generation methods for repositories and added additional instruction information.

    • Added better validation for release commands.

    • Improved validation for git branch names.

    • Renamed "project" to "application" across the control panel.

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Fixed a bug where changing any parameters in logs view while the request is in flight would not actually fire a new request.

    • Fixed a bug with loaders either not showing up or being the incorrect size in a few places.

    • Fixed incorrect tooltip when webhooks aren't set up on environments view.

    • Ignore case mismatches when comparing email addresses to accept organisation invites.

    • Fixed an issue with legacy subscriptions not showing up correctly.

    • Fixed application search results not using correct thumbnail.

    • Fixed a bug with checking for subscriptions limit on old domains view.

  • Divio App

    02. May, 2022

    New version of the Divio App is now available

    Bug fixes & improvements

    • Updated the divio-cli to 3.15.6.

    • Fixed a bug with opening iTerm on macOS.

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  • April

    30. April, 2022

    Control Panel changes in April

    New features & Improvements

    • The import project feature is now out of beta.

    • Added Django 4.0 support.

    • Improved organisation billing settings user experience.

    • Improved organisation name and avatar management user experience.

    • Improved stripe payment verification.

    • Improved logic around backup restores when the service instance of a backup got deleted.

    • Improved modal animation speed.

    • Made backups restorable across regions.

    Bug fixes

    • Fixed a bug where webhooks would push changes back in case of a force push.

    • Fixed a bug in application settings that could show boilerplate loading forever.

    • Fixed broken addon transferring.

    • Fixed loading env card not looking consistent with a loaded one.

    • Fixed a bug where some modals wouldn't have a closing animation.

    • Fixed a bug in backups view with actions dropdown not being closed correctly.

    • Fixed a bug in organisation settings with the save button being outside the input.

    • Fixed avatar collapsing on smaller screens in change avatar component.

    • Removed SENTRY_DSN for website deployments.

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