A quick definition and explanation of webhook gateways
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What are Webhook Gateways? A Webhook Management Tool

Discover webhook gateways - a proxy tool for webhook management, multiplexing, demultiplexing, and abstracting webhook implementation. These are ideal for secure, productive, and standardized platform engineering.

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A webhook gateway is a webhook management tool. It acts as a forward and backward proxy for webhooks. Both users and application programming interface (API) providers can use it to handle event multiplexing and demultiplexing.

Event multiplexing is a technique used in computer programming to manage multiple streams of events or data, allowing them to be processed efficiently and in real-time. It involves combining multiple event sources into a single stream, or "multiplexing" them, so that they can be processed concurrently by a single application. Demultiplexing is the reverse.

In short, a Webhook gateway can help abstract away the details of webhook implementation for your microservices. When microservices want to send a Webhook event, they will write to the broker. Webhook gateways receive events and then route them to the correct  endpoint.

Why are Webhook Gateways Essential for Platform Engineers?

Webhook gateways provide a consistent infrastructure for platform engineers. Let’s explore other reason why they are valuable in platform engineering: 

  • Webhook gateways are ideal points to implement various security mechanisms. They can carry sensitive data as they offer a reliable and secure platform. Furthermore, Webhook users and publishers perform a vital role in  securing requests against attackers.

  • Platform engineers act as an intermediary to bring stability to cross-cutting concerns in an organization. Webhook Gateways allow developers to focus on core business issues by deploying.

  • Webhook gateways enhance the productivity of developers. Engineers can work more efficiently and eliminate toil.

  • Webhook gateways reduce learning curves. They provide standardization and encourage platform engineers to adopt best practices.

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