Upgrade of PostgreSQL 9.6 Service Instances to 13

Find information on the migration of PostgreSQL 9.6 to PostgreSQL 13 here. Remember, Divio will take care of the migration for you if you do not do anything!

Michael Nicholson

Michael Nicholson

Cloud Solution Engineer

Starting on 18th January, 2022, AWS will be upgrading all RDS PostgreSQL 9.6 services according to their EOL policy. In line with this, Divio will be migrating all PostgreSQL 9.6 services to PostgreSQL 13 prior to 22nd February 2022. This is the deadline, after which AWS will forcibly migrate any remaining instances of PostgreSQL 9.6.

What is Divio doing?

A maintenance window will be created for every application that is using the existing PostgreSQL 9.6 service. During this window your application will not be available. Divio will then create a new PostgreSQL 13 service and migrate all your data to this new instance before your application comes back online. The process is expected to take up to 15 minutes, but exact timings will depend on the amount of data involved.

What do I need to do as a Divio customer?

The short answer is: nothing. Divio will take care of the migration for you if you do not do anything.

If you would like to handle this migration yourself, either because you want to do it without a maintenance window so there is no downtime, or simply because you would like to control exactly when it happens, please read the instructions for manually upgrading PostgreSQL, and take note of the risks involved.

Note that this must be done prior to Divio performing the migration. Any existing PostgreSQL 9.6 service will be upgraded to PostgreSQL 13 by Divio, and this upgrade will involve the application being offline for a short time. This includes any old or backup services an environment may have that are not actively in use (eg. the "old" 9.6 service that may be left behind after a manual migration).