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A Week In Review-As the world runs out of cloud storage!

Archana Mishra
Archana Mishra
Divio Technologies
13. May, 2020
A Week In Review-As the world runs out of cloud storage!

Major infrastructure players including Microsoft Azure and VMWare struggle to keep up full operational capacity as demand skyrockets due to Covid-19.

Microsoft Azure struggles with sudden surge in demand from remote workers

This week saw Microsoft Azure staying in the headlines as it first prioritized its services to Governments, emergency services and health workers. Microsoft announced it’s list of priority services along with the clarification that they are not running out of capacity yet, but if they do, the aforementioned services will get preferential treatment. The move is part of Microsoft’s global response plan to deal with the Covid-19 situation which does not fall under the business as usual category. However, later in the week, Azure was apparently running out of capacity in the UK region as several consumers, new and existing ones alike were facing issues to provision new resources. Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft has reassured that the company is doing everything in its capacity to keep the systems running smoothly, which includes a host of temporary restrictions on administrators to manage provisioning and usage. Unreliability of existing provisions is perhaps a more serious issue currently than provisioning of new assets, according to certain Azure customers.

Opinion- Divio’s latest platform release provides self-service and fully automated cloud shifting capabilities. It enables apps to be moved transparently both between regions and underlying cloud vendors. Cloud shifting is part of the Divio multi cloud technology stack that unifies clouds. It is just what enterprises need at this juncture to ensure continuity of business without the unnecessary stress of running out of provisioning capacity and outages. Check out our cloudshift feature here.

VMWare issues warning on cloud capacity constraint

VMWare too issued a capacity constraint warning in the Asia Pacific and Sydney region for over 36 hours. While the management re-assures that customers have nothing to worry about and the engineering team is consistently adding new hosts, the sudden spike in demand for remote infrastructure is clearly putting pressure on industry giants to keep up with the demand.

Google Cloud Next's online event got delayed further on account of Covid-19

Google has refrained from moving the Google Cloud Next event to a virtual platform citing concern about the health and safety of all stakeholders involved.While it is commonplace for tech companies to organize purely virtual events, even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the company states that the event is quite an important one and the timing is just not right to have it, online or otherwise. It appears that given the uncertainty in the current market, Google wishes to focus on continuity of business and provisioning of services to existing as well as new customers.

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