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Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

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Joel BurchJoel Burch
Divio Technologies
Michael NicholsonMichael Nicholson
Cloud Solution Engineer
Divio Technologies

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud - what is right for you?

In this #CoffeeInTheCloud webinar, the two Divio experts Michael Nicholson (Cloud Solution Engineer) and Joel Burch (COO) talk about Public Cloud and Private Cloud.

  • The difference between Public Cloud and Private Cloud
  • Modern Cloud infrastructure architecture
  • Hybrid Cloud models and limitations
  • Multi-Cloud models

We explain Public Cloud and Private Cloud solutions and outline the pros and cons of each, as well as talking about common hybrid solutions which include the cost benefits of a Public Cloud, but the flexibility and isolation benefits of a Private Cloud. We discuss frequently asked questions and best-practices relevant to the decision, and share some real-world examples from Divio customers, highlighting the key takeaways from their decisions.

What questions are we going to address?

In this #CoffeeInTheCloud webinar, we address questions like:

  • Should I host my application in a Public Cloud environment or in a dedicated and isolated Private Cloud?
  • What requirements do I need to consider when making the decision to go with a Private Cloud Solution?
  • What security and compliance controls can I fulfil with a Public Cloud or Private Cloud setup?

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us for #CoffeeInTheCloud!