Explore for free

Great for experimenting, hobby projects and getting to know the platform.

  • 2 domains (excl. registration fees)
  • Test & Live environments
  • 512 MB Application RAM
  • 5 GB object storage
  • 5 GB backup space
  • 10 GB transfer per month

Community support
Sleeps after 30 minutes inactivity


For your enterprise applications

Book a 30 minute jargon-free demo with a cloud expert, tailored to your organisation

The Divio CMP is cloud vendor-neutral - we can subjectively answer your cloud technology questions and tailor a demo to meet your needs.


Have something custom in mind or have any other questions?


Become a verified partner

The Divio partner programme provides extended features that allow custom plans to be created and tailored to your client needs. 

  • Focus on building your business rather than infrastructure. 
  • Access to custom plan configuration features.
  • Dedicated Divio partner manager.
  • Priority support and on-boarding sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is application RAM?

RAM you get with our plans are reserved for your application. OS or Database are not counted against the RAM usage.

Can I choose where my project is hosted?

By default, our developer plan uses a fixed region at the time of project creation. Our custom plans allow regions to chosen.

Do you have special offers for Startups, open-source projects or NGOs?

Sure, drop us a mail with your project details and we will see what we can do!

Do I need a credit card for 
the free developer plan?

No! our developer plan is intended to let you explore at your own pace. 

Is it possible to pay via invoice?

We offer different payments options, including invoice, and are flexible to your needs.

Is Divio GDPR compliant?

In short, yes. The longer version can be found here.