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Top 10 LinkedIn Cloud Experts You Need To Know

The cloud industry is dynamic and ever-changing, so it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Who do you listen to for reliable cloud news and insights? Here’s our rundown of Cloud Experts to follow on LinkedIn

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The cloud industry is dynamic and ever-changing, so it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Who do you listen to for reliable cloud news and insights? Here’s our rundown of Cloud Experts to follow on LinkedIn. Got your own recommendations? Tweet at us on X, or shoot us a message on LinkedIn.

1. Viktoria Semaan

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Follow for: AWS, AI

A certified LinkedIn Top Voice, Viktoria is a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS, with a specialism in AI. You’ll often see her giving talks at various cloud events. Viktoria’s mission is to encourage cloud education and training initiatives. On LinkedIn she shares practical advice, as well as accessible content to drive cloud adoption. In her content she breaks down complex ideas, AWS training tips, demos, and more.

2. Lori MacVittie 

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Follow for: Cloud Computing Deep-Dives

Lori MacVittie, a distinguished engineer at F5, brings knowledge and experience to LinkedIn with a 25-year career in the tech industry. Her expertise spans a broad spectrum of technical areas, including cloud computing, security, application delivery, DevOps, and artificial intelligence. On LinkedIn, you’ll see her deep-diving into the above topics, as well as discussing trends found in the current state of computing.

3. John Savill 

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Follow for: Azure

John Savill is a Principal Technical Architect at Microsoft, with over 30 years of experience. Throughout his career he has designed, developed, and implemented on-premises and cloud-based solutions. As you’d anticipate, his LinkedIn is the place to find his perspective on all things Azure, including tutorials, product updates, and more.

For even more practical Azure content, check out John’s training tutorials on Youtube too.

4. Bob Evans 

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Follow for: Latest trends, problem solving

Bob Evans is a keynote speaker and a founder of Cloud Wars, which is now part of the Acceleration Economy (where he is also a co-founder). He has more than 20 years of experience analyzing the tech industry as a journalist and editor-in-chief. So why follow him on LinkedIn? Not only does he share information on the latest key cloud trends and their applications, but he also lends his expertise in discussing challenges currently found in the cloud industry, and ways to approach them. 

5. Linda Haviv 

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Follow for: AWS

Do you work with AWS? Then we highly recommend following Linda Haviv on LinkedIn. A Developer Advocate at AWS, Linda is great at simplifying complex tech ideas through short, engaging videos, often infused with a dash of humor and pop culture. Her LinkedIn updates are an overall valuable resource, offering links to helpful developer tools, new AWS product announcements, and other relevant content.

6. Michael Levan 

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Follow for: Containers, Kubernetes

For those of you who are all about containers, give Michael Levan a follow. Michael is a highly experienced engineer who specializes in Kubernetes and platform engineering. As a member of the Kubernetes v1.28 Release Team, he really knows his stuff when it comes to containizeration. Michael currently works as a consultant, trainer, and content creator - catch him co-hosting the Kubernetes Unpacked Podcast. You’ll find him sharing his extensive knowledge on LinkedIn, focusing on the latest technology trends, tool recommendations, and what it’s like to be a developer.

7. Walter Lee 

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Follow for: AWS, GCP, Azure

Walter Lee knows cloud computing. With over 20 years experience as a cloud and DevOps engineer, Walter is a font of knowledge across a wide range of cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, and Azure. Currently a Principal Engineer at Wells Fargo, you can catch him at technology events including Google Next. Walter's LinkedIn presence is a great resource of technical insights, tips, tricks, and of course, a meme or two.

8. Bret Fisher 

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Follow for: Kubernetes, DevOps

Consider Bret Fisher your go-to for insights on DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Github Actions, and GitOps. Bret’s a pretty busy guy - CEO, consulting systems engineer, trainer, Youtuber and Podcaster at Core Enable. You might recognise him as the creator of the Docker Mastery series on Udemy! We recommend following Bret on LinkedIn to keep up-to-date on his latest talks, podcast appearances and more.

9. Lydia Leong

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Follow for: DevOps, Cloud Computing Deep Dives

A Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, Lydia Leong is a cloud computing and DevOps expert, providing expertise on how technology intersects - and helps grow - business. For those of you who love a deep dive, Lydia shares research, and research notes on her LinkedIn about the latest cloud computing trends and challenges.

10. Scott Guthrie

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Follow for: Azure

You might already be familiar with Scott Guthrie. He’s the Executive vice president at Microsoft for the Cloud and AI group. He’s responsible for Microsoft’s cloud computing fabric, artificial intelligence platform, developer tools, and the company’s industry cloud solutions. If you use Azure, or any of their AI products, you’re going to want to follow Scott on LinkedIn. He shares Details of all the latest product releases, as well as recorded talks and workshops.

Keeping up with the latest cloud news doesn’t just stop at LinkedIn. If you’re looking for more cloud industry discussion to get stuck into, check out the 15 best cloud podcasts for audible inspiration!