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The 15 Best Cloud Podcasts You Should Listen To

Looking to get inspired by a cloud computing podcast? We have you covered. Find out what has made our list of the 15 best cloud podcasts you should listen to.

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Whether you’re a cloud pro or just starting out, there’s nothing quite like the advice and stories of others to get you motivated. As the industry continues to grow at (what seems like) breakneck speed, listening to practitioners and leaders can help you build confidence, get familiar with new technologies, and also help with problem solving.

Here at Divio, we’ve pulled together fifteen of the best cloud podcasts to subscribe to. These span a range of styles, topics, and experience levels. So wherever you are in your cloud journey, there’s a podcast here for you. Put your headphones on, hit play, and get inspired by these top cloud podcasts.

Podcasts we’ll be covering:

From providers:

  • AWS Podcast

  • Google Cloud Platform Podcast

  • Google Cloud Security Podcast

  • The Azure Podcast

For Executives:

  • Day Two Cloud

  • Azure for Executives

  • Cloud Do You Do?

For Developers:

  • The Hanselminutes Podcast

  • The Changelog

  • AWS Insiders


  • The Cloudcast

  • Cloudcast Basics (Great for beginners!)

  • Screaming into the Cloud and AWS Morning Brief

  • The Cloud Pod

  • Community CloudCast

1. AWS podcast 

For everything AWS – from deep dives to product discussion

Suitable for: Confident cloud developers and engineers

Topics discussed: AWS news, AWS product launches and deep dives, industry-specific AWS use cases

Affiliation: Official AWS podcast

Hosted by: Simon Elisha and Hawn Nguyen-Loughren

Listen here 


AWS’s official podcast covers all things AWS. Intended for those who already use the platform, the current iteration of the podcast has been going since 2016. This podcast has a friendly approach but heads up! This is super technical stuff. AWS-affiliated guests are invited to explain products and technologies, frequently at an upper-intermediate to advanced level. A lot of technical language is used here. Along with technical deep dives, the podcast covers the latest news, changes and updates. You’ll also find episodes covering key notes and conferences and events (such as Re:Invent). Episodes range in length depending on the focus, and can range from 15 mins to over an hour. 

2. Google Cloud Platform Podcast

For all things GCP – from case studies to technologies

Suitable for: Confident cloud developers, engineers, and executives

Topics discussed: GCP products in action

Affiliation: Official GCP podcast

Hosted by: Max Saltonstall, Stephanie Wong, Daryl Ducharme, and others.

Listen here


This official Google Cloud Platform podcast has weekly 30-40 min episodes. There’s a friendly approach, with playful comradery between the hosts. The overall aim of the podcast is showcasing Google Cloud Platform in action. It features GCP-affiliated guests, from people who work at the company, to its users. Episodes focus on particular GCP functionalities and case studies, as well as covering industry events (such as Cloud Next). 

3. Google Cloud Security Podcast

For GCP users looking for the latest security info

Suitable for: Confident cloud developers and engineers, executives with technical knowledge

Topics discussed: GCP security features in action, security use cases, best practises discussion, lessons from security incidents 

Affiliation: Official GCP podcast

Hosted by: Anton Chuvakin and Timothy Peacock

Listen here


Another official Google Cloud Platform podcast, this one focuses solely on security on GCP. Episodes are released regularly and clock in under 30 minutes. Like the other GCP podcast we’ve discussed, the mood here is friendly, with a bit of banter between hosts. They bring in guests who are industry experts and discuss use cases that require security measures. They dig into how they were implemented and the challenges, as well as the successes. The language isn’t highly technical, but not beginner level either. Listeners will need intermediate-to-advanced knowledge of cloud ops before going into this one.

4. The Azure Podcast

For a deep dive into Azure – news, products, and more

Suitable for: Non-technical executives, anyone with intermediate Azure know-how looking to build upon what they know.

Topics discussed: Microsoft Azure updates, how different products and Azure technologies work

Affiliation: Microsoft Azure

Hosted by: Cynthia Kreng, Kendall Roden, Cale Teeter, Evan Basalik, Russell Young, and Sujit D'Mello

Listen here and/or watch here


This Azure-centric podcast has been going since 2013. The focus is to encourage listeners to get familiar with how Azure works. This is done through deep dives into Azure products: what they do, how to work with them, best practices, and use cases. They also cover events and conferences too (such as Ignite). The podcast has an authoritative tone and features guests who are either Azure experts or team members. Episodes come out a couple of times a month, and are between 25-45 minutes long. For any visual learners, episodes can be watched on Youtube too.

5. Day Two Cloud

For what it’s like to actually use the cloud!

Suitable for: Technical and non-technical executives

Topics discussed: Operations when using a public cloud, how to make the cloud work for your organizations 

Affiliation: Packet Pushers podcast network

Hosted by: Ned Bellavance and Ethan Banks

Listen here


First things first – we have to comment on the metal-esque opening music. We love it! This podcast broaches the operational realities of public cloud. This includes problems users might encounter, best practices, changing demands, use cases, as well as discussing cloud trends. The tone is fun and friendly but authoritative, with guests that come from all corners of the cloud industry. The cloud knowledge level required here is intermediate. There’s some technical language used, but nothing too advanced. Episodes are released regularly and are between 40 minutes and an hour. Some episodes are sponsored by third parties, but these are clearly marked as such.

6. Azure for Executives

For executives using or considering Azure

Suitable for: Non-technical executives, Industry leaders

Topics discussed: Trends in technologies and industries, Microsoft Azure product use cases

Affiliation: Microsoft Azure

Hosted by: Paul Maher and David Starr

Listen here


This Azure-focused podcast has been recently rebooted! It has an authoritative tone with a focus on knowledge-sharing within its audience. It can be used as a resource for technology decision makers. The goal here is to provide bitesize, clear and actionable advice across broad and diverse topics. Guests are thought leaders in different industries, and they discuss cloud-based topics relevant to executives. The angle here is experts sharing real-world experiences. They cover specific technologies, patterns and practices, recommendations, and guidance on using Azure with a focus on how the topics relate to business processes and goals. Basically, it’s how to achieve technology goals with Azure. They chat about the latest Azure advancements, as well as give practical hands-on guidance. Episodes are released around twice a month, and are 25-40 minutes long.

7. Cloud Do You Do?

For digging into the benefits of cloud technologies

Suitable for: Technical executives

Topics discussed: IT and cloud technologies and industries

Affiliation: Revolgy

Hosted by: Štěpán Kaiser, Matej Bača, Kristjan Jõgiste, Daniel Čech, Jakub Jan Kučera, and Eva Kašĩková

Listen here


This podcast looks at the real-life benefits of cloud technologies. Think: examples and stories of cloud in action, and what it’s like as a technology (and industry) to work with or work in. The different hosts interview guests from startups and established corporate organizations. There’s a focus on people in different roles, doing different things. They go into deep dives with real-life examples, including challenges, solutions, and what it’s like to work on IT in certain sectors. What links the whole podcast together is the emphasis on the importance of an effective IT infrastructure. Episodes are 45 mins to over an hour, released on an approximate monthly schedule. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention the jazzy opening music.

8. The Hanselminutes Podcast

For an overall understanding of the IT industry and its technologies

Suitable for: Intermediate to confident developers

Topics discussed: Different IT technologies and relevant industries.

Affiliation: Independently run

Hosted by: Scott Hanselman

Listen here


Hosted by (and named after) Scott Hanselman, this podcast was started back in 2006. Now, there are almost 1,000 episodes! Listeners can expect weekly episodes that are 30-40 minutes long. The tone is friendly and calm, making Hanselminutes perfect for a lunchtime listen or winding down on the commute home. The aim is to provide insights into different tech industries and technologies. These industries span gaming, healthcare, education, and IT. It doesn’t have a primary focus on the cloud, but the cloud does crop up frequently. Each episode takes an interview-style format, with guests with different jobs and experiences in the market. These showcase a variety of voices and perspectives, ready to inspire listeners. Different episodes offer different levels of technicality. Therefore, it’s useful to have intermediate-to-advanced technical knowledge before pressing play. Also, we're big fans of the jazzy opening music.

9. The Changelog

For developers looking for updates, news and technologies

Suitable for: Confident cloud developers and engineers

Topics discussed: Developer-related news and technologies

Affiliation: Independently run

Hosted by: Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo

Listen here


Launched in late 2009, this is the flagship podcast from Changelog. Like the previous podcast we discussed, this isn’t solely cloud-based. However, the cloud does play a big part in many episodes. The focus here is strictly software. You’ll find two shows under the umbrella of this podcast: The Changelog (under an hour) and Changelog News (around 10 minutes). In the longer show, hosts interview hackers, leaders, and innovators in computing. They talk about the news, different technologies, and methodologies. It’s quite high-level technical discussion, so it’s most suitable for intermediate-to-advanced devs. Expect a friendly, often comedic tone that features Beyonce and Sherlock soundbites.

10. AWS Insiders

For the latest news from AWS and across the industry

Suitable for: Confident cloud developers and engineers, technical executives

Topics discussed: AWS and cloud computing in general

Affiliation: Cloudfix

Hosted by: Rahul Subramaniam and Hilary Doyle

Listen here


AWS Insiders is a relatively new podcast, launching in Oct 2022. The hosts take a deep dive into the current state of cloud computing as well as its future. Industry guests are invited to engage in lively debates, and offer edgy perspectives. But it all remains friendly and light in tone! The focus of the podcast is to engage and challenge pre-existing ideas. Topics on the docket include services, patterns, and the future of cloud computing. Expect AWS (and general cloud) news too. Listeners may need to go in with relatively advanced cloud knowledge due to the nature of the debates. Episodes are released every other week, and are between 20-30 minutes each.

11. The Cloudcast

For a comprehensive take on cloud computing

Suitable for: Anyone who is interested in cloud computing and the cloud market (with prior cloud knowledge).

Topics discussed: Public cloud computing, new trends and technologies, methodologies, and the industry as a whole.

Affiliation: Independently run

Hosted by: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Listen here 


Recorded in Raleigh, North Caroline, The Cloudcast has been going since 2011. We would call this an ‘all-rounder’ type podcast. It’s pretty accessible and doesn’t require advanced cloud knowledge. The tone is friendly and chatty too. The hosts interview guests who are technology and business leaders who share use cases and case studies. There’s a broad range of topics covered, including different cloud platforms, open source, serverless, AI, DevOps, security, Kubernetes, PaaS, SaaS, and IoT. Episodes include cloud industry news, as well as some general tech industry news. Look out for specific series too. For instance, ‘Look Ahead’ comes out each January. This involves interviewing an industry expert for a particular, current and big topic, and observing how that market is shaping up for the future.

12. Cloudcast Basics

For anyone starting out with cloud computing

Suitable for: Cloud newbies, anyone wanting to brush up on their cloud knowledge

Topics discussed: Overview of cloud computing, how it works, as well as the economics and business side of things.

Affiliation: Independently run

Hosted by: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Listen here


This is the sister show of The Cloudcast. It was developed for anyone wanting to get started in cloud computing, particularly as cloud computing continues to grow at rapid speed. The aim of the podcast is to build confidence in beginners. Episodes are a bitesize length and are an easy-to-digest 10-20 minutes long. It’s structured with different seasons, with each series focused on a single topic. Unlike The Cloudcast, this does not have a discussion based format. The focus is more educational and explanatory. It has an accessible and friendly tone, yet authoritative. Topics are discussed clearly and simply, and technical terms are defined and explained. The seasons so far are: overview, technology, business leaders, and cloud economics.

12. Screaming into the Cloud and AWS Morning Brief

For no-holds-barred opinions on the cloud industry

Suitable for: Anyone who is interested in cloud computing and the cloud market (with prior cloud knowledge).

Topics discussed: AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle, digital transformation, and the cloud industry.

Affiliation: Independent perspectives on AWS

Hosted by: Corey Quinn

Listen here and here


There’s two podcasts to be discussed here. First, let’s look at Screaming into the Cloud. These are regular weekly episodes, between 30-40 minutes long. Listeners can expect a friendly, humorous, and irreverent tone. However, it’s always clear what is being discussed. SITTC  interviews with cloud and business experts regarding the technology’s effect on business. These are conversations with how people are using the cloud, to either achieve certain goals or pursue other outcomes. The objective is to provide thoughtful commentary on the state of the technical world. Do note that some episodes have a more technical focus than others - it all depends on the topic. This podcast is recommended for those who have an intermediate-to-advanced understanding of cloud computing.

AWS Morning Brief is the sibling show to SITTC. This comes out a few times a week, and is around 5 minutes long. Like the name states, this is focused directly on the latest AWS news. Think product launches, updates, changes, and more. The tone is comedic with a knowing wink – just look at the episode titles! The snappy length makes it perfect to listen to with your morning coffee.

14. The Cloud Pod

For long-form discussions on cloud news and technologies

Suitable for: Non-technical executives, people interested in the cloud industry

Topics discussed: Up-to-date cloud industry news and technologies. Focus on AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Affiliation: Independently run

Hosted by: Justin Brodley, Peter Roosakos, Jonathan Baker, and Ryan Lucas

Listen here


The Cloud Pod is a round table-style podcast with a friendly and chatty tone. The hosts have a combined 30 years of experience across IT, cloud computing, and scaling infrastructure. They themselves talk about how keeping up-to-date with all the advances and news can be overwhelming. The aim with this podcast is to break down the big announcements and changes in the cloud market. The approach here is to understand cloud computing as a business market and how implementing changes applies to teams and methodologies. Listeners will need intermediate cloud knowledge to fully get into the discussions, as they really dig in deep. These in-depth podcasts are weekly, and last between an hour to an hour and a half. Note that there have been some recent changes, including a switch in focus on core cloud concepts and discussing updates from larger cloud providers.

15. Community CloudCast

For listeners who want to learn about cloud technologies

Suitable for: Anyone interested in the cloud space (with prior cloud knowledge).

Topics discussed: Cloud technologies

Affiliation: Independently run

Hosted by: Jason Himmelstein, Paul McCollum, and Eric Shupps

Listen here and/or watch here


This livestream podcast features friendly and lively debates with guests across the cloud industry. Hosts lead discussions on topics like Azure, Salesforce, AWS, other cloud platforms, as well as cloud technologies in general. There is no product-specific focus here. The podcast includes discussion around cloud technologies, and staying current on new developments. The goal here is to encourage learning and looking outside of particular cloud spaces, especially in the context of multi-cloud infrastructures. As such, intermediate-to-advanced knowledge is required before going in. Monthly episodes are streamed every third Tuesday and are around 1 hour long. If you missed the live show, don’t worry – everything can be watched on demand!


Whatever level of cloud expertise you have, there’s a cloud podcast out there for you. Whether you’re looking for technical deep-dives, the latest news, or just want to get more familiar with the industry, cloud computing podcasts are an easy way to get inspired. Put one on during a coffee break or on the drive home, and enjoy.

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