The Best Cloud Newsletters

The Best Cloud Newsletters To Sign Up To

The world of cloud computing is rapidly evolving. New technologies, trends, and best practices are emerging at a quickfire pace. So, staying up to date with the latest developments in the cloud industry is pretty much essential for those working in the field. And this is where the cloud community comes in.

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We’ve already covered podcasts to listen to, Youtube channels to watch, and events to attend. Now, we’re going straight into your inbox with newsletters. The great thing about newsletters is that they’re super convenient whilst still offering comprehensive information. You’ll find valuable insights, industry news, tutorials, and tips delivered directly to your email. Perfect to browse when having a break.

We’ll be going through some of the best cloud newsletters that you’ll want to sign up to. These cover a wide range of platforms, technologies and niches under the cloud umbrella. So whether you are an IT professional, a developer, or simply someone interested in the cloud, give these newsletters a go. Oh, and did we mention they’re all free to subscribe to?

1. Last Week in AWS

Frequency: Weekly

Focus: AWS

Affiliation: Duckbill Group

You might already be familiar with Last Week in AWS. But did you know they have a newsletter? Self-described as a delightful-yet-snarky nuisance to Amazon, Last Week’s newsletter sifts through the overwhelming amount of news surrounding AWS. It presents only relevant and useful information, eliminating the unnecessary noise. Specifically designed for AWS users looking for practical content, the newsletter shares discussions, new products, best practices, and official updates. It’s also pretty user friendly – each edition is easy to scan and understand, making it great to read whilst booting up your computer or having a coffee break. Previous newsletters are available over at the archive (referred to as the Snarkive).

2. Off-by-none

Frequency: Weekly on Tuesdays

Focus: Serverless

Affiliation: Independent

Established by Jeremy Daly, Off-by-none is a newsletter all to do with serverless technology. The philosophy behind the newsletter is Jeremy’s idea that we all have the potential to excel at what we do. However, in order to achieve this we need to keep learning. Acing serverless applications is no exception. And this is where Off-by-none comes in. It focuses on the technical details behind building serverless applications and provides links to interesting articles, expert insights, tutorials, tools, use cases, and the latest industry happenings. There’s also an archive for previous newsletters for those looking to catch up.

3. SRE Weekly

Frequency: Weekly

Focus: SRE

Affiliation: Independent

SRE Weekly is an insightful newsletter expertly managed and curated by Lex Neva. 

It’s dedicated, as the name suggests, to SRE interests. The newsletter is comprehensive in what it covers, featuring articles handpicked by Lex from across the web. Readers will find topics such as servers, human factors, processes, automation – basically, all things that affect availability for websites and services. SRE Weekly is also a useful resource for job seekers, featuring relevant career opportunities. An archive for previous newsletters is also available to everyone.

4. Wisdom Of The Cloud

Frequency: Monthly

Focus: Cloud native

Affiliation: Cloud Native Computing Foundation

This is a very new newsletter, covering all things to do with the cloud native community. Readers can expect editor’s highlights, case studies, and technical articles. Whatever your interest area in cloud is, there’s plenty to get stuck into with this newsletter. We particularly like the behind-the-scenes section, which shares articles about the people working in cloud computing, as well as management styles and processes. This gives a nice human insight into a digital industry.

5. Status Code Newsletters

Frequency: Weekly

Focus: Different programming languages and technologies

Affiliation: Status Code

There isn’t just one Status Code newsletter – there’s a whole range to choose from! These cover JavaScript, Ruby, Node, Postgres, front-end development, serverless architecture, and mobile development. Each edition is structured into distinct sections, including top-line news, useful tools, and job listings. In addition to all the informative content shared, readers can also enjoy little touches of humor (including the odd meme here and there).

6. Software Lead Weekly

Frequency: Weekly

Focus: Engineering leadership and entrepreneurship

Affiliation: Independent

Software Lead Weekly puts a human spin on tech. This newsletter was set up by Oren Ellenbogen, who wanted to emphasize the value of people and culture in tech and engineering. This newsletter is aimed at those in leadership roles in the industry, focusing on stories and articles about management and, you guessed it, leadership. The content shared here is suitable for those working in both small and large enterprises. Check out the archive for previous newsletters sent.

7. InfoWorld Newsletter

Frequency: Weekly

Focus: Tech Industry

Affiliation: Infoworld

InfoWorld is your go-to tech industry roundup newsletter. Which InfoWorld newsletter you get is all based on your location. This means that the articles and content featured is relevant to where you are in the world. Pretty snazzy huh? These newsletters include articles and guides from InfoWorld’s website that cover cloud computing, software development, artificial intelligence, emerging technologies, and more. If it’s a thing in the tech world, it’ll probably be featured here.

8. Diversify Tech Newsletter

Frequency: Weekly, every Tuesday

Focus: Tech careers for underrepresented groups

Affiliation: Diversify Tech

The Diversify Tech Newsletter is a resource aimed at underrepresented individuals in the tech industry. Curated and published by Veni Kunche and Naya Moss, this newsletter shares career opportunities, events, job listings, and practical resources for professional development. Subscribers have the option to choose between two editions: the professional edition and the student edition, catering to those at entry level.

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