Amazon Web Services and the Divio PaaS

Amazon Web Services provides cloud infrastructure services and Divio operates a cloud application delivery platform (PaaS). The combination of AWS and Divio offers a managed cloud infrastructure and all the tools and services that you need to develop, deploy, run and maintain your web apps.

We work with AWS to deliver a seamless cloud experience, so you can focus on building and operating your apps while we handle the cloud ops and cloud infrastructure. All while saving you money.

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If it’s dockerized, Divio can migrate, host, operate, orchestrate, protect, mirror, backup, restore and migrate your web app with 1-click.

With the new AWS Region opening in Switzerland, you can have all that and more from the new Zürich region.

Divio is Proud to be an AWS Swiss Region Partner

As a longstanding AWS partner, we’re very excited that AWS is launching a Swiss AWS Region in Zürich. The new AWS Europe (Zürich) Region will allow clients and partners to run their workloads in the cloud and store their data in Switzerland, making for easy compliance while still enjoying all the benefits of AWS’ global infrastructure. Divio is proud to be part of this venture as a Swiss Region partner.

Top 4 Ways You Save with Divio



10% off Divio’s services for 12 months when you choose AWS’s new Swiss region before July 2023



Pay zero margin on third party cloud infrastructure



Save up to 90% DevOps efforts and associated operational costs



Save over $5,000 a month on bundled services with Divio's Gold and Platinum Plans

What’s happening?

AWS is launching a brand new region in Switzerland. The new AWS Europe (Zürich) Region will have three Availability Zones, which means more options, flexibility, redundancy and high-availability for clients looking to take advantage of AWS globally dominant cloud offerings. AWS has millions of customers and offers the biggest ecosystem in the cloud industry. Divio is happy to share the benefits of AWS with our clients as a certified AWS partner, covering the needs and use cases of businesses and organizations of all sizes.

What does this new AWS Switzerland Region mean?

Businesses of all kinds face specific and sometimes unusual compliance, regulatory, or latency challenges. The new Zürich region, which Divio is an AWS launch partner for, will allow organizations to run applications and store data in Switzerland. So, when compliance or regulatory requirements mean that the point of origin has to be in Switzerland itself, our clients can now easily meet that requirement with no extra effort. For many businesses, the ability to use Divio’s Mirrors technology and CloudShift makes creating specific variants and/or migrating them or original web apps a one-click operation. 

In addition to providing an easy answer for compliance and regulatory requirements, the new AWS Europe (Zürich) Region can close latency gaps for organizations looking to run their apps from Europe. In combination with the Cloudflare CDN through Divio, lightning fast and lock-tight, secure, content can be served to visitors from the new region for businesses looking for a cloud space in Western Europe.

How will this benefit Divio’s clients?

As a local Swiss partner, Divio delivers a hassle-free dev experience, transparent and affordable pricing, all the services you need out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade security and compliance as well as 24/7 premium SLAs for support. For clients that are local to Switzerland and the greater DACH region, France and Italy, local account management will meet you face-to-face at any time. The new AWS region will provide the infrastructure and Divio will complement this with our usual devoted account management, including guidance, support and cloud expertise locally.  Divio works closely with AWS to make sure clients have the best, most reliable and most cost-effective solution for their needs.