All the Services and Features You Want in One Resilient Architecture

Divio automatically provisions configuration-free services to support your web apps. We use best-practices to prevent costly misconfiguration and data mishaps.

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Intelligently Managed App Delivery and Load Balancing

Your apps, and the services they depend on, can take advantage of our network architecture, which automatically optimises traffic and load distribution.

Each app is assigned an app controller that actively works in the background to monitor health and optimise performance. We apply a number of strategies to reduce workload such as query caching, off-loading encryption/decryption and reverse proxy requests.

Automatic load balancing interacts intelligently with app controllers to distribute traffic.

Fully Managed Configuration-free Services

Our services support your web apps by adding functionality and capabilities such as data storage and messaging.

Our services include fully managed instances of Postgres and MySQL and popular app middleware such as RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch and Celery.

Our development tools bring your chosen services to your local development environment automatically. Your web apps run and behave consistently across environments.

Services are grouped and structured around each web app to keep them easily accessible.

Automatic and On-demand Backups plus Flexible Restoration

All apps are covered by a scheduled backup plan which runs complete backup of database and static files. On-demand backups can be initiated as part of a release strategy, offering support for labelling and choice of backup coverage.

Our cloud backup solutions allow you to run backups across all environments and support flexible restoration between them.

Backups are encrypted using military grade (AES-256) encryption. They are stored securely across-region and are available if you require off-premises offline storage.

Infrastructure that Follows the Cloud Innovation Curve

We selectively include updates to the platforms and services that comprise our app stacks. You’ll get a proven and stable app environment.

Our architecture comprises mature open-source components that follow independent release schedules. We integrate updates as part of our on-going platform maintenance.

The result? Your web apps run on a fully managed infrastructure that eliminates operational overheads.

Monitoring and Management Keeps Your Apps Healthy and Accessible

We continuously monitor your web apps, and the services they depend on, to measure their health and behaviour under load.

Automated monitoring covers all web apps, services and infrastructure and allows us to mitigate service disruption by transparently moving app instances across regions and cloud vendors.

Our platform intelligently manages traffic to work around potential issues using recovery strategies that ensure app requests are serviced.

App monitoring also identifies bottlenecks and performance issues in code to help you build more efficient apps.

Self-service Scaling Adds Cloud Resources to Meet Demand

Apps and services run within containers which the Divio platform orchestrates and deploys to instances.

Instances can be added and removed through self-service instance management to control the computing capacity available to run your apps. Instance types are automatically chosen to offer optimal capabilities to your app stack.

The Divio platform sets up and configures load management and service pipelines to take advantage of the instances as they become available.

24x7 Full-stack Experts Provide Support on Your Terms

We offer extensive on-boarding and training programmes tailored to meet the needs of specific teams and roles.

Our support team is available through multiple channels. We fit your preferred ways of working with guaranteed response times governed by an extensive SLA.

We provide support through all phases of app development. We even offer unscheduled “quick fix” analysis of code to ensure you can keep your deadlines.

Go-lives become stress-free with additional support for release preparation and high availability during your go-live launch.

Assets Discovered and Delivered to a Content Delivery Network

The Divio platform automatically deploys your media assets to a best-fit global CDN provider to move them physically closer to your users and give them an improved user experience.

CDN setup and management is transparent. Our platform takes care of configuration and the deployment of your assets.