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Partnership Benefits
Attractive, scaling referral commission

Referring a new client or project to our services is an easy way to increase your revenue through the programme’s commission payments.

local referrals from Divio

Divio’s Referrals is a model for building business together and helping your customers with the challenges of running, maintaining and expanding their web presence. 

First-class technical Support

Enjoy priority support from our experienced staff. And when you need extra assistance to solve a problem, we can provide expert consultancy to you.

Custom Upgrades 

Customise Managed Cloud packages according to your needs by choosing a Managed Cloud plan and adding any additional services required.

Marketing And PR Support

We will create success stories and case studies to showcase your work. You'll be featured on our Partners page. And in the django CMS Marketplace, you'll have an Official Partner badge.

Onboarding and training

We offer onboarding for developers, and training for business owners, content editors, marketing managers, social media marketers, and traditional webmasters, to get your team up to speed - quickly.