3 reasons why Django and Python


Django is an open-source web application framework implemented in Python, which has an excellent security track record. Loaded with built-in security features, Django provides great protection to those developers who don’t have security experience. In fact, Django makes it more difficult to write insecure code.


Python overtook PHP in popularity since 2015 and will soon be the most popular language to write code worldwide. Can Django handle high traffic loads? Absolutely..


Python’s simple and “less is more” approach makes development faster and more consistent. Using Python means you can build more functionality with fewer lines of code. Even if you have little coding experience, getting started is quick for anyone. The Django web framework is famous for rapid, secure and agile web development, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly write better web applications.

You are in great company

Python is on the rise: for the past five years, Python has held the number one position as the “most popular coding language” for software professionals, surpassing even Java. Its simplicity and security have placed it first among languages taught in US programming schools.

Django has become the number one web framework for Python because users love its flexibility and clean design. It’s no wonder that many agencies around the world, including Spotify, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit, are committed to using Python and Django for their business.

Python is on the rise

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