Use the included free Git-based repository or add your existing repositories with extensive support for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.


All plans include a ready-to-go Postgres database that is pre-configured and integrated with Saleor.


Worry-free scheduled and manual backups keep your store date safe and secure with fast and easy restoration features. 


The Divio Desktop tools configure a local development environment to customise and develop your Saleor store with easy one-click deployment to the included test and live environments.


Choose a region to best match your customer base and launch your Saleor store with no configuration required - securely and safely.


Extensive and always up-to-date documentation to help get you started and keep you productive with expert support available through mulitple channels.


Professional e-commerce in minutes 

Create and deploy a professional Saleor store with a pre-optimised configuration in your preferred cloud region. The Divio platform provides a secure and scalable environment to get you started faster.

As a merchant, you are free to focus on growing your e-commerce presence without the need to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Your Saleor site stays fast and always-available through flash and seasonal sales peaks.

The Divio tools provide easy access to your project files for complete customisation with one-button deployment to the included live and testing environments.


Ready for your next campaign

Scale your Saleor store with both horizontal and vertical scaling features and a choice of physical regions to give your customers the fastest e-commerce experience. 

Easily upgrade your configuration with more instances on-demand to ride through seasonal or promotional shopping demands through the Divio Control Panel. Burstable soft-limits means your store stays online and performant even during unexpected sales surges.

Flat-rate predictable pricing means no unexpected bills, and with everything centralised in the Divio Control Panel, you know exactly how and where your resources are being allocated.


Complete control and customisation

The Divio Desktop tools can automatically configure a Saleor development environment on your local desktop and make deploying your customisations easy. As a modern container-based platform, your Docker-based Saleor site is highly portable with your local, testing and live environment changes kept perfectly synchronised through Git-based version management. Distributed teams can work seamlessly together, with the same working environment and set of unified tools.

All Divio plans include testing and live environments which you can easily and quickly deploy with a button press.

You can also use the powerful Divio CLI (command line) depending on your preference or integrate with your existing deployment process and preferred IDE.


Automatic back-ups and stress-free recovery

All Divio plans include automated scheduled back-ups with additional flexible manual back-up options to keep your site data safe and accessible at all times. 

Together with Git-based version management, all code changes are securely stored and available for deployment to your chosen environment. Simple one-click restoration enables back-ups to be easily re-deployed, eliminating stressful and potentially costly downtime.

Back-ups can be downloaded for self-storage or perfectly re-creating environments locally for additional piece-of-mind. 

Create a Saleor store with a free account - no strings attached!

Create a free account, deploy a Saleor project and see if Divio is right for you. No credit card is required!

Saleor is a world-class modern open-source product created and maintained by our friends at Mirumee Software.