Use the included free Git-based repo or add your own existing repos with extensive support for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket.


All plans include a ready-to-go Postgres database that is pre-configured and ready to be used with your app.


Worry-free scheduled and manual backups keep your data safe and secure with easy and fast restoration. 


The Divio Desktop tools provide a local development environment and automatically containerse your apps with easy deployment to the included test and live environments.


PHP project templates save manual package configuration and provide pre-configured framework apps that you can customise and tweak to your needs, including Symfony and Laravel


Extensive and always up-to-date documentation to help get you started with support available through mulitple channels.


Easy deployment

The Divio Desktop tools can automatically configure a PHP development environment on your local desktop and make deploying your PHP apps easy. Your apps are automatically containerised with Docker to make them highly portable and keep local, testing and live environment changes perfectly syncronised.

All Divio plans include testing and live environments which you can easily deploy to with a button press.

You can also use the powerful Divio CLI (command line) for integration with your existing deployment process or preferred IDE.


Simply scaleable

Easily scale your PHP app with both horizontal and vertical scaling features and a choice of physical regions to give your users the fastest experience. 

Add or remove more instances and allocate more memory according to your application needs through the Divio Control Panel.

Flat-rate predictable pricing means no unexpected bills, and with everything centralised and easy to find in the Divio Control Panel, you know exactly how and where your resources are being allocated.


Git-based version control

The Divio platform uses Git to version and track changes between your local, test and live environment deployments.

Git repositories are included for each project, and changes between your environments can easily be visualised and reviewed for deployment.


Get started faster

Project types, including Laravel and Symfony, provide popular ready-to-go frameworks for your chosen technology platform that get you to a working application faster. Choose a project type and fill in the blanks to customise to your specific project needs.

Boilerplates provide popular ready integrated frontend frameworks - such as Bootstrap.

Explore PHP with a free account - no strings attached!

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