The private cloud provides a dedicated hosting region, depending on your organisational requirements, using cloud vendors or your existing on-premise infrastructure. 


Multi-cloud introduces a new level of high availability by bridging multiple cloud vendors to mitigate the risk of single-vendor outages. The Divio platform can seamlessly manage and deploy across multiple cloud vendors through one easy-to-use interface.


SAML-based integration offers broad support with existing identity provider solutions to keep account management centralised within your organisation.

tools for distributed teams

Divio Desktop tools empower development teams to work more effectively with consistent development environments and without the need to learn vendor-specific terminology.


Access expert technical support across a variety of channels, plus recieve a dedicated account manager to provide a single point of contact and ensure you get the most from the Divio platform. 


Get online introduction sessions that include an extensive walkthrough and onboarding of the platform, tailored for individual teams for increased startup efficiency.


Private cloud

The private cloud provides a dedicated region using your choice of cloud vendors or on-premise infrastructure run by its own installation of the Divio platform. It provides the confidence of an independent, self-governed cloud and the ease of management and development features offered by the Divio platform. 

Through custom network topologies, network isolation can further enhance the private cloud to create a hybrid cloud offering running private applications accessible only to your organisation with the benefit of cloud-based infrastructure.



Multi-cloud technology is the next step in redefining high availability through a vendor-neutral approach to cloud hosting.

A multi-cloud solution provides the most robust strategy for high availability by bridging multiple cloud vendors. In the event of a cloud vendor region outage, a private cloud can seamlessly be moved to another region or another cloud vendor, entirely.

To streamline this process, the Divio platform intelligently abstracts and manages multiple cloud vendors through a consistent easy-to-use interface.


Enterprise SSO

SAML protocol support facilities integration with an existing IdP (identify provider platform) to provide a robust single sign-on (SSO) solution with user credentials that remain within your organisation.

The Divio platform provides user role controls for granular access to services, while user information and authentication is federated against the IdP.


Vulnerability scanning and threat analysis

Due to the inherent security benefits of isolating applications from the operating system via containerisation, images used to build containers are scanned for known vulnerabilities and threats. Alerts can be sent to chosen end-points for further analysis and awareness.

In addition, extensive and continuous penetration testing adds a further layer of confidence.


Developer tools for distributed teams

Divio Desktop tools empower development teams to work more effectively and without the need to learn vendor-specific terminology and workflows. These tools include automated setup of local development environments to ensure consistency and improve productivity.

New collaborators can easily and quickly be onboarded into the same consistent working environments.

Divio Desktop tools can be delivered within your organisation through local download, widespread distribution through MDM or through a private Windows Store.


Onboarding and go-live support

For reduced startup overhead and increased efficiency, Divio experts can provide online introduction sessions across your entire organisation, which include extensive walkthroughs and technical onboarding of the platform.

The Divio team will collaborate with your launch schedules to prepare extensive go-live checklists and help ensure smooth and scalable launches with the same high-quality criteria.

Multi-channel expert support

Multichannel support provides the broadest and most accessible support coverage to address the needs of busy and distributed teams.

We offer on-site and online training tailored to your team's specific needs and knowledge abase.

Our main offices are distributed globally, with expert centres across Europe and the US.

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