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A need to streamline and centralise
cloud management

As enterprises move to multiple clouds and leverage cloud-native development processes, a growing need to streamline and centralise solutions has emerged.

Currently, a number of problems are occurring:

  • Increasing internal security & compliance requirements can be challenging and costly to fulfil
  • Specialised configuration is required, but this can be difficult to implement and hard to find a platform to fit your custom requirements
  • Teams need to be familiar with vendor-specific paradigms and tooling in order to work effectively
  • Specialised application knowledge gets locked within teams
  • Applications across multiple clouds often include redundant and unused cloud infrastructure resources and are generating unexpected costs

In order to unlock the cost-effectiveness of the cloud, new tools need to be introduced to allow enterprises to maximise their technology investment and ensure the move to the cloud avoids vendor lock-in.

With our cloud management solution,
we also include PaaS features like

  • Development and deployment - automated workflows
  • Automated backups - scheduled and on-demand
  • Code repositories - including private Git-based repository, and support for popular Git providers
  • Ready-to-go environments - automatically provision local, testing and live environments
  • Simple scaling - add or remove resources to meet demand
  • Security - always-on vulnerability scanning and threat analysis
  • Authentication - keep your credentials private with single sign-on
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Why choose Divio

Lower costs

Spend less on cloud management.
Divio will lower your costs for managing complex cloud environments across multiple vendors, regions and technology stacks.

Increase efficiency

Achieve more, with less effort.
Divio’s automation, unified management interfaces and product-centric workflows allow you to spend less time managing cloud infrastructure, and more time using it productively.

Improve security

Enjoy peace of mind.
In a rapidly-shifting technological environment, Divio will protect you from the risks of using misconfigured services, following outdated practices or working with vulnerable tools.

Global coverage

Support across multi regions.
Divio provides global coverage from three main offices in Sweden, Switzerland and the US, as well as other locations, to provide expert support across all time zones.

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Divio's public cloud solutions

Explore the platform, build web applications, deploy a proof of concept.

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  • Test & Live environments
  • 512 MB application memory
  • 5 GB object storage
  • 5 GB backup space
  • 10 GB transfer per month
  • Sleeps after 30 minutes inactivity
  • No custom domains
  • Support not included
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Divio's public cloud solutions

Save money, effort and time in your technical teams, with flexible managed hosting plans on.

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  • Fully managed business-focused hosting
  • High-performance server configurations
  • Scalable multi-instance deployment
  • High-availability, fault-tolerant hosting
  • Automated monitoring and real-time scaling
  • Multiple geographical region options
  • Multiple cloud vendor options
  • Automated, comprehensive backups
  • Priority support
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Divio's private and multi cloud solutions

Meet the requirements of the most demanding business applications with custom cloud management solutions and Service-Level Agreements.

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  • Custom services for business-critical applications
  • Tailored security features and services
  • 99.95%+ guaranteed uptime SLA
  • 24/7/365 guaranteed incident response SLA
  • Multi cloud and business continuity features
  • Dedicated private cloud regions
  • White glove onboarding and training
  • Custom network topologies
  • Integration with identity providers
  • Dedicated account expert
  • Best-in-class expert support

Swiss quality,
Swedish design

Divio is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. We believe in remote working and have a widely distributed multi-national team with offices in Stockholm, Zurich and New York.

We unite Swiss engineering quality with Swedish design sensibilities. Our cloud management platform puts user experience first. We believe in focus - investing in high-quality engineering and a user experience-first mindset that means we avoid shortcuts and chasing feature-parity at the expense of usability.

Today the Divio platform is trusted by leading enterprises across the world.

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