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Expert Hours from Divio - Professional Python, Django and Frontend developers

Expert Help

An easy way to draw upon the expertise within our team to help solve your problems. Check availability online in real-time, and book your spot for just $250.

Our Expert Help service gives you the undivided attention of a member of development team, who will discuss whatever Django problem is holding you up, and come up with a solution to help you on your way.

It works on a very simple basis: US$250 for up to 60 minutes of our expert’s time.

Our experts really do deserve the name. Between them they have decades of Django development experience; the depth and breadth of the expertise we are able able to offer is world-class. They include core developers of Django, django CMS and other notable projects, and the architects of very large systems such as the Divio Cloud infrastructure.

What's the problem?

  • Python/Django application development
  • large-scale deployment
  • frontend development
  • billing systems
  • desktop or mobile application integration
  • ... or something else entirely

Whatever the nature of your problem, not only do we have an expert on hand who is familiar with the topic, the chances are that we’ve already come across the issue ourselves.

Your time is money: don’t waste it

If your time is money, don’t waste it puzzling over problems that draw you away from the work that you’re good at. The temptation to chase your rabbits down programming rabbit-holes can be irresistible sometimes, and it can be too easy to lose sight of what it costs.

The clear, fixed pricing for up to 60 minutes of expert time allows you to set it against the cost to you and your business of an unsolved problem that soaks up your time and energies.

And sometimes, you’ll simply have a problem that needs to be solved urgently, especially if it’s affecting one of your projects and losing money for you or your customers.

In any of these cases, an Expert Help session will be worth a great deal more than its US$250 price-tag.

How it works

  1. You choose a time and date.
  2. Submit the Expert Help fee.
  3. Give us a bit of information in advance (optional, but it helps).
  4. We’ll set you up with a video conference with one of our team.
  5. You'll get the expert advice you need.

Our experts are not just expert developers, they’re also experienced at listening to and understanding problems of this kind and giving help - they regularly spend time doing it on open-source project IRC channels and other forums.

You’ll find them friendly and sympathetic to your needs, so that the solution is one that’s appropriate for you. Of course your consultation will be treated professionally and in confidence, exactly as you’d expect.

Note that not every problem can be solved in 60 minutes, but even if it is not possible to identify a simple solution, our expert will provide you with the best possible guidance and direction. We can also provide more substantial consultation and assistance that goes well beyond of the Expert Help - contact us for more information.