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Dedicated Team

Do you need extra man-power for your project, on limited-period basis?

We can help, by extending your team with Django experts. 

We offer Dedicated Teams of experts to work on your client projects at a discounted rate. The Dedicated Team model has proven itself to be an advanced, cost-efficient personnel management solution that balances team size and project workloads, and aids with skills exchange and on-time project delivery.

Dedicated Team consists of production teams based in the Ukraine whilst consultancy is based in Switzerland or the US. To ensure that quality is maintained throughout all the services there will be ongoing reviews by expert team members.

Further benefits are available for projects that last longer than 3 months. To ensure that every Dedicated Team setup meets your project’s specific needs, please feel free to contact us to ensure that a team can be tailor-made to suit your desired goals.


Technical consultation

Our team includes some of the best Python, Django and django CMS experts. When faced with serious challenges like finalising the architecture for a project or overcoming a difficult technical problem you might want to add the expertise of some of the best minds in the trade working for you.

To book expert support or increase the human resources capacity available for your project on ad- hoc basis, please contact us for a detailed recommendation about the best people to add to your project.


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