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Cloud Migration

Migrating an existing project can often be a time-consuming affair, leave it to us

Choosing between working on the next high-value project and investing in reducing complexity and maintenance costs for legacy projects is a tough call to make.

Divio Migration Service is designed to help combat this problem in an efficient, cost-effective way. Customers wishing to migrate existing projects to Divio Cloud can rely on the Divio team to analyse an application, make the necessary adjustments to configuration, upgrade essential components and deploy it to the Divio Cloud.

Migration Service Offer

We offer the migration of Django and django CMS applications to Divio Cloud, including the migration of supported addons, custom code and application data. Pricing is based on the categorisation of projects by complexity.

Category A:
Modern django CMS Project

Applications developed using Django 1.8 and higher and using django CMS 3 and higher are the easiest to migrate. This type of migration is priced starting at $490 per project.

Category B:
Legacy django CMS Project

Applications developed using older versions of Django (from 1.4) and django CMS (from 2.0) are more difficult to migrate, since they can require code modification and component upgrades. This type of migration is priced starting at $1,490 per project.

Category C:
Custom Django Project

Applications developed using older or unsupported versions of Django, and using Django applications other than django CMS, require more involved analysis and often re-adjustments and upgrades. We do not currently offer them at a fixed price. Rather, customers wishing to get help with such applications should provide access to the code base for evaluation. After considering everything required to migrate the project, our partners would provide a custom migration quote.

Divio Migration Service can save you hours of developer time and ensure a long and happy life for your application. Contact us for a free quote and start migrating your project to Divio Cloud.


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