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Divio Essential Addons

The very best for your project

The Divio Essential Addons extend django CMS to provide management of specific kinds of content: news, events, jobs, FAQ and people. All the applications in the collection are free open source software.

They're all available for easy installation into your new and existing django CMS projects, including from the django CMS Marketplace for one-click installation. They all support the greatest and latest django CMS features, including of course its superb editing system, and are easily integrated into your own frontend development frameworks.

And they are all tried and tested in real-life projects with real-life demands, running right now on dozens of websites across the world, including those belonging to some of the biggest companies in Europe.

Additionally to the Divio Essential Addons collection discover more open source addons in the django CMS Marketplace and from Divio Cloud in the related Github page.


The Divio Essential Addons collection includes:

Essential Addons: Aldryn News & Blog
Aldryn News & BLOG

Aldryn News & Blog is simple enough to be a personal weblog application, and powerful enough to handle news publishing for a large organisation with many different departments.

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Essential Addons: Aldryn People
Aldryn People

Aldryn People publishes profile pages for people in your organisation, and can place them in groups to reflect its organisational structure. It includes support for features such as vCard publishing.

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Essential Addons: Aldryn FAQ
Aldryn FAQ

Aldryn FAQ helps list, categorise and answer questions that you find yourself dealing with repeatedly, and makes it easy to keep them up-to-date.

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Essential Addons: Aldryn Jobs
Aldryn Jobs

Aldryn Jobs helps advertise vacancies on your site, and helps streamline the process, by allowing you to receive applications and CVs directly through the system.

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Essential Addons: Aldryn Events
Aldryn Events

Aldryn Events manages publication of your calendars of events, and includes advanced features such as registration.

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