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Divio Control Panel

The main tool of the Divio Cloud suite

Manage All Your Django Assets in One Place

The Divio Control Panel was specifically designed for business owners and project managers, and provides a swift, efficient and complete management interface to interact with your Django projects and all related processes. Best of all, it's completely modular, so you can get straight to the functions you need.


Manage and Restrict Collaborators

Our powerful project management tool allow you to easily manage collaborators for different projects. This means your project managers can decide how to allocate internal and external resources by choosing who has access to which project and when.

Need a specific functionality for your client’s website? Divio Control Panel gives you the ability to move one of your developers to the project or temporarily grant access to a freelancer. More importantly, you’ll never have to worry about security: simply restrict access to the project for any length of time you need.

On the other hand, you can grant clients CMS-only access – even in the early stages of a project – so they can start building pages and adding content while your team works on developing additional functionalities. In this case, clients will never even have to access the Control Panel – and all CMS-only users are free and unlimited!

Manage and Restrict collaborators
Experience drastically reduced project setup time
Experience Drastically Reduced Project Setup Time

How long do your developers normally need to set up a new Django website on a production-ready, high-availability cloud setup?

In our experience, the average is eight hours. With Divio Cloud, any Project Manager can setup a website in less than five minutes, with no help from anyone else. This allows your developers to be more efficient and work on what they like, while creating a more profitable business for you.

Utilise both test and live servers
Utilise Both Test and Live Servers

With the Divio Control Panel, you’ll never have to worry about messing up your live website when you want to test something new.

Our dedicated test servers allow you to experiment with changes and copy everything over to the live server only when you’re satisfied. This also gives you the ability to show different examples and website versions to your clients on the test server, before a final version is approved for production.

Customise server locations and settings
Customise  Your Servers

Divio Cloud allows you to customise many attributes related to your server setup.

You can select a preferred location for the servers where you want to host your websites (Frankfurt in Europe or North Virginia in the United States) and can customise settings such as RAM, instances or disk space at any time – ideally to dynamically scale projects based on current needs.

If you expect a high load over the next few days, simply scale the settings up, or revert the changes when they’re no longer needed. Thanks to this convenient capability, you’ll save big on the costs of buying an expensive dedicated server, which will stay there permanently.

The django CMS Marketplace
Aldryn Desktop App
Aldryn Command-Line Client
Enjoy Convenient Addons and Tools

Divio Cloud comes with a rich set of tools to help you do the job you love more efficiently: the Command Line Client, the Desktop App and the django CMS Marketplace.

The Command Line Client allows you to create a full local setup, develop custom Addons and change the settings of your Django projects. With the Desktop App, you get direct access to all static files and can sync your changes directly with your test server.

Lastly, the django CMS Marketplace allows easy one-click Addons installation to any of your Divio Cloud projects. Once installed, you can easily manage your Addons,use them for multiple projects and update versions directly from your Divio Control Panel. In the event that you can’t find the Addon you need, you can simply create one yourself and even share it by publishing it in the Marketplace.

Improve company standards and know-how
Improve Company Standards & Know-how

When working on a project, one of the most difficult things is sharing the know-how among the team.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a team member left the company and nobody else could take over the project? Divio Cloud helps you avoid these circumstances by using well-documented, standardised best-practise setups so that any developer can pick up the project at any time. Our stack is built on proven and robust open-source technologies, which also have the benefit that there is no lock-in to our platform.