Content: Divio Command-line Interface

Divio CLI

Get a complete local setup in minutes 

Full access to your project code

Divio CLI allows you to setup a local environment based on your Divio Cloud projects and interact with the code to the fullest extent.


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Website management

The Divio CLI is the ideal solution for developers who like to work and manage all their Cloud projects from the Terminal. This tool provides full source code access including all Python files and allows to develop locally from your own computer.

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Fast setup

Divio CLI helps you to run locally the same setup like you have on your server. Since you can replicate the environment, it is much faster and in less that 10 minutes it sets up everything for you.

Aldryn Command-Line Client
Set of Commands for each task

With well defined commands you can setup projects and manipulate data (like database records or media files). Thanks to the Divio CLI you won’t have to spend time running different commands to perform each individual task.

Manage and Restrict collaborators
Cross-platform integration

Since everything is cloned, with the Divio CLI you are sure that every project you are working on it’s going to work on every machine, whether it uses Windows, Mac or Linux.

If you are for example presenting your project to your clients, you can be sure that it will work exactly like on your machine.

Jake Harding

With the Support Center and the internal documentation, we were able to have a standardised approach. This facilitates the onboarding of new team members and collaborators and helps sharing know-how among the team.

Guy Harding, Founder at Verisage

Experience drastically reduced project setup time

Open source technologies

Investing in reliable and up to date open-source technologies is one of the key success factors of Divio.

Divio always tries to use the most reliable and advanced technologies. That’s why Divio CLI is integrated with various open-source projects such as Python, DjangoGit, DockerSass, LESS, Compass and more.

Utilise both test and live servers
Why Docker?

Learning from our experiences, we select the most valuable technologies for our products.

Divio is involved in several projects and always tries to get inspired by the best technologies. Our experience with Django project, helped us decide to use Docker technology and to integrate it with our products. Docker provides an isolated and replicable environment, if you have multiple instances you can be sure that all the servers will run the same code.

Customise server locations and settings

Full Git integration

Forget the OPS and focus only on what is important for your projects.

With central storage of Divio Cloud, no matter how many people are working on a project, you don’t have to worry about the OPS (deploying, db migration, managing and keeping the servers updated). You will also have full Git repository access (push, pull, commit, status and so on).

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