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Aldryn Cloud, a platform for building, deploying and hosting django CMS websites
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Divio Cloud

Divio Cloud is Divio’s platform for Web Professionals to build, deploy and host django CMS websites. With Divio Cloud you can deploy with 1-click to test and live servers in minutes, and it features fully scalable cloud hosting. 

Divio built Divio Cloud based on experience of hundreds of Django and django CMS projects over the last decade. 

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Tools included in Divio Cloud
Aldryn Control Panel
Divio Control Panel

We’ve built and easy-to-use control panel to manage all your django CMS projects, clients and team. Update Django, django CMS and addons in one-click, customise your servers and create new projects in 3 easy steps. 


Aldryn Desktop App
Divio App

The Divio App is the connection between your computer and the Divio Cloud. It allows you to synchronise files with our Cloud servers and set up a complete local development environment in just minutes.


Aldryn Desktop App
Divio CLI

Get a full local setup in minutes with accesst to the complete project code and full database access. Develop custom addons or change settings of your django CMS project. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.


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