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Lift Django into the cloud

Divio Cloud is Divio’s platform for web professionals

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Managed cloud
99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Your website and applications are essential when it comes to the success of your business, that's why Divio gives you a solid 99.95% Uptime Guarantee for all our Managed Cloud plans.

High-Availability and Performance

Enjoy more performance and flexibility than a standard hosting solution. Divio Cloud is fine tuned to run Python/Django and allows you to deploy django CMS, Wagtail and Oscar systems in less than 3 minutes.

Elasticsearch & Celery

Available for our Business subscriptions. Elasticsearch is a distributed, scalable, and highly available search engine, while Celery is an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing.

Managed cloud pricing


Ideal for up to 50k pageviews/mo

99.95% uptime guarantee

Includes fully-managed database with 25M rows

High-availability and business performance setup

Automatic recurring Backups

Free access to ElasticSearch cluster

Free SSL via letsencrypt

All Professional features, +

Ideal for up to 100K pageviews/mo

99.95% uptime guarantee

Includes fully-managed database with 50M rows

Premium Support with priority response time

Celery support for asynchronous tasks

CloudFlare Pro subscription worth $20/mo

Mobile optimizations with CloudFlare Mirage

Business Protection+
All Business features, +

Ideal for up to 500K pageviews/mo

99.95% uptime guarantee

Advanced security protection & DDoS mitigation

VIP onboarding and extensive go-live check by Divio Core Engineers

CloudFlare Business subscription worth $200/mo

Custom SSL support (incl. EV)

Looking for an Enterprise Level Solution?

Divio offers 24/7 Support, Guaranteed Response Time, On-premise Hosting option, Unlimited Diskspace and Traffic, Smooth up- and down-scaling.

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Our Cloud Locations Around The World

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Frankfurt, Germany
Northern Virginia, USA
Self-Service Options

Free SSL certificate
256 MB RAM, 10 GB Diskspace
5M rows managed database
1 Test & 1 Live server included
Basic Support with best effort response time

starting at $13/mo

Free SSL certificate
Set RAM, Diskspace, Traffic and Instances
10M rows managed database 
Test & Live servers, Cronjobs included
Basic Support with best effort response time

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Mario Colombo, Technical Lead & Partner at

“Divio Cloud is able to transform a complicated deployment process into a very simple one that anyone can use. The web interface is also clear and easy to use for anybody within our company.”

Mario Colombo, Technical Lead & Partner at

Tools included in Divio Cloud
Aldryn Control Panel
Control Panel

We’ve built an easy-to-use control panel to manage all your Django projects and clients and your team. Update Django, CMS and addons in one click; customise your servers and create new projects in three easy steps.

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Aldryn Desktop App
Desktop App

The Divio App is the connection between your computer and the Divio Cloud. It allows you to synchronise files with our Cloud servers and set up a complete local development environment in just minutes.

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Aldryn Desktop App
Divio CLI

Get a full local setup in minutes with accesst to the complete project code and full database access. Develop custom addons or change settings of your Django project. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.


How is Divio cloud different?

Divio Cloud gives you the best production-ready and
out-of-the-box solution for your Django websites

Collaborate with your team in one place

Divio Cloud takes Django a step further by facilitating modern, independent collaboration practices. It’s designed with real-time collaboration in mind and to help increase work productivity.
Divio Cloud allows you to work with two classes of user, Collaborators and Clients (CMS-only users):

Your Team

Collaborators are all frontend engineers, backend developers and project managers. They have access to your project's Control Panel. You can choose what level of access permissions your Collaborators will have.

Your clients

They have access to the content management system, but not to the Divio Control Panel. You can determine exactly what they are able to access. You can add as many CMS-only users as you like at no extra cost.

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Real-time collaborators, all-in-one platform with Divio's Aldryn Cloud

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* Incl. you + 1 Collaborator. Add further collaborators for $10 per user per month
users with access to the CMS are free