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Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom

nephila - Divio Partner


Florence, Italy
Zurich, Switzerland
London, United Kingdom

Company size:

11-50 employees


Web Applications
Web Marketing 

About Nephila

We are an open source company, specialised in the creation of web based applications. Nephila was founded in 2001 in Florence, Italy. In early 2014, we reached out across geographical boundaries, expanding our presence in the UK and then, in 2015, in Zurich.

Our expertise in open-source technology led us towards a progressive growth of our partnership network. We established long-term relationships with ICT companies operating in Italy and abroad as part of collaborative, knowledge-sharing projects. Involvement in these project groups guided us towards the development of an international business network. At present, our partners and contributors come from all over Europe. Networking within communities is a great way to share experiences, skills and practices as well as to widen our horizons together with others, sharing information with like-minded people.

Focus and services

Nephila is based on and stands by the principles of high working standards, reliability and transparency. We take care of every detail, focussing both on our clients’ strategic positioning as well as the technological side of every project, with agile methodology playing a key role. Nephila strongly believes that people and relationships are more important than processes and tools.

Our core business is complex integrated CMS projects. We are leading custom CMS project developers operating in a wide range of industries, from publishing to tourism. Cross-platform project development is one of our key competences. Our expertise spans from mobile web development to server management, from desktop applications to Raspberry Pi, and native apps for both Android and iOS.

We are active members of the international community that contributes passionately to the growth of open source technologies. Nephila mainly relies on Python, Django and the django CMS framework, flexible technologies, which give us the ability to build and maintain amazing web sites and apps. We do, however, also work with other technologies such as Linux, PostgreSQL, Angular JS and the Django REST framework. We support the development of open source technologies by contributing code and features and are particularly involved in the development of the django CMS framework.

Nephila’s marketing team complements its development department. Together with the customer our marketing experts define the most valuable business development opportunities on the web and analyse the client’s target market. This way they identify the most effective solutions to discover new opportunities through a strategic web-marketing plan.

Moreover, Nephila can provide its customers with SEM and web marketing strategies. An online communication plan includes the selection of the right channels and the most effective web solutions to increase our customers’ online reputation.

Last but not least, our marketing team offers the management and monitoring of client-qualified leads to improve communication and optimise the conversion rate of our customers’ web pages.

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