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Jung von Matt - Divio Partner


Zurich, Switzerland

Company size:

51-200 employees


Brand Communication
Public Relations
Brand Identity

About Jung von Matt

Jung von Matt/Limmat is the Swiss creative agency for the digital age. Our 80 employees include 21 experts from the fields of digital planning, social media, web development, digital art direction, screen design and motion design.

Jung von Matt/Limmat Public Relations is a member of the Association of PR Agencies in Switzerland (BPRA) and employs 8 PR specialists.

Strategic Brand Leadership: we are the ones with the plan

In every adventure story there is one person who finds the right way. In an age where times change quickly, one factor counts more than ever: a good strategy. This requires an in-depth analysis, providing the necessary conclusions to create a competitive strategy. We have developed our own tools and processes to achieve this. On our brand days, we work together with our customers to establish the bases for decisions on marketing communications.

With the help of a brand profile, the identity of a brand can be defined simply and consistently.

Creativity: the "Formula 1 rule" - away from the racing line

In motor sport there is an ideal line. It is the line on which a driver can complete the course in the quickest and safest way possible. This line is ideal in the truest sense of the word, and is therefore used by everyone. It only has one small disadvantage: if you stay on the racing line, you can't overtake. If you want to overtake, you have to move off the racing line. The same applies to communication: to attack, you have to move away from this line and choose an unusual and surprising method to communicate your material.

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