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Akoten - Divio Partner


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Company size:

1-10 employees


Django development
Online marketing
Frontend development

About Akoten

Akoten specialises in nicely designed full-stack web development and hybrid apps. It’s a company with a diverse skillset consisting of young people that have a love for a healthy 'work hard play hard' lifestyle. Together, we make for a well-attuned, efficient and motivated team that is honestly concerned with optimal collaboration and the progress of our clients. We like to think of everyone we work with as a partner, rather than anything else.


Focus and services

At Akoten, we primarily work with startups and scale-ups that have a need for experience and insight into starting and scaling their business. Therefore, we focus on practical solutions that enable lean analytics and strategies incorporating continuous change and improvement. To facilitate this focus, we use the tools and methodologies that enable the most flexibility while maintaining insight and control. AngularJS and especially Django are a great fit for these needs because they allow for a flexible and resource-efficient development process, while being supported by a great community.

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