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Mario Colombo, Technical Lead & Partner at Partner of Divio

“The Divio Cloud platform allowed our company to have a standardised approach.”

Mario Colombo, Technical Lead & Partner at
Partner of Divio

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Why Divio cloud for your agency
Handle Bigger Projects

Take on bigger project and don’t worry about Infrastructure. We support you along the way...

Save Money

Don’t spend your time on Infrastructre... Get more Collaborators for free. 

Expand Your Reach

A Partnership will give you Referals from our Network... Grow together with the network

Partnership Benefits
Attractive, scaling referral commission

Referring a new client or project to our services is an easy way to increases your revenue through the programme’s commission payments.

local referrals from Divio

Divio’s Referrals is a model for building business together and helping your customers s with the challenges of running, maintaining and expanding their web presence. 

First-class technical Support

Get Support from our experienced staff.... The Partnership Programme includes 5 expert hours...

Free Collaboration plans 

Add free Colaborators to Divio Cloud...refer just one customer to our services... 

Marketing And PR-Support

We will create success stories and case studies.... and place your brand on the divio partners....  additionally marketplace django CMS official partner badge

Onboarding ANd Training

Get trainings aimed at business owners,content editors, marketing managers, social media marketers, traditional webmasters.

Setup and Scale

Handle big requests... We can watch the requests pour in, and the load balancers responding. As the traffic continues to climb, we see the system scaling to meet demand, launching more application instances. The response times remains exactly the same, no matter how many requests you receive.

“Divio Cloud is able to transform a complicated deployment process into a very simple one that anyone can use. The web interface is also clear and easy to use for anybody within our company.”

Mario Colombo, Technical Lead & Partner at

Migrate Your Django Projects

Migrating an existing project from one system to the other can often be a time-consuming affair.... We offer the migration of Django and django CMS applications to Divio Cloud, including the migration of supported addons, custom code and application data. Pricing is based on the categorisation of projects by complexity.

Dominic Monn, Web Developer

"With Divio Cloud I'm super fast and I can focus on what I like the most: developing custom applications. Divio Cloud brings django CMS closer to Wordpress and that's quite an achievement."

Dominic Monn, Web Developer

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Move your projects to Divio Cloud and get free migration with any Business Hosting Plan


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