Content: Divio Cloud vs Amazon Web Services

Why Divio Cloud rather than Amazon Web Services?

AWS is great - but for Django projects, Divio Cloud’s better still.

We share some things in common.

Like Divio Cloud, AWS offers you effectively limitless scaling.

Like Divio Cloud, AWS means you can stop worrying about maintaining hardware.

For Django projects however, Divio Cloud offers an optimised service,  workflow and tools that just can’t be beaten, because everything we do is built around Django.

Optimised, dedicated Django hostingAWS is the world’s biggest hosting toolbox, but it’s up to you to set it up for Django projects. Divio Cloud does this all for you.
Local development environment

AWS isn’t a development platform at all. Divio Cloud is the perfect Django development platform, and includes a local development environment that gives you an extra guarantee: if it works on your machine, it will work in the cloud.
Expertly-managed Django hostingAWS leaves management up to you. On Divio Cloud, we monitor your projects proactively, 24/7, and run automated checks to catch problems even before they have a chance to occur. Your websites are literally our business: we're dedicated to keeping them running smoothly.
Ready-to-go sitesA Divio Cloud Django project can be ready-to-go right away, with applications installed and hooked up, with a variety of optional configurations to choose from, even including complete frontend frameworks.
Expert Django technical support

Our team have world-class Django development and deployment expertise, and they’re there to support you.
Desktop application

The Divio App integrates directly with the cloud, allowing site managers to control and deploy sites using a friendly native application.
Frontend integrationDivio App includes an autosync feature for frontend files, allowing developers to work locally, with files on their own machine, and see the results online - immediately.
Git-based projects

Git-based projects allow you to fork and merge your project, roll back its history, and enjoy a modern project management workflow.
Web-based package management

On Divio Cloud, the Addons system allows you to install, configure and keep software up-to-date using the Control Panel.
Fully-configured projectsOn AWS, you need to set up and connect your database, configure storage, and so on. Divio Cloud does this for you. All the layers of our projects are fully-configured: application, database, storage, web-server.
Ready-configured addonsOn AWS, you’re responsible for correctly installing and configuring components such as Redis or ElasticSearch. On Divio Cloud, they’re set up and ready to go, in a configuration optimised for Django projects.
Advanced user managementOn AWS, you will need to take care of user management for your sites. On Divio Cloud, you can manage and delegate responsibilities for project management and even create.

Save time. Save effort. Save money.

Divio Cloud is for the Django developer who doesn’t want to configure a virtualized infrastructure.

AWS offers you almost everything you could want - virtual servers, storage, databases - but it’s up to you to join all the pieces together, and it’s up to you to get it all right. In fact, we use AWS under-the-hood - but we have full-time Django infrastructure and deployment experts to manage it.

If you’re a Django developer, doing all this is a distraction. Your time is better spent building Django projects. 

That’s why Divio Cloud not only provides all that infrastructure, but also manages it for you expertly, so that you can devote yourself to the work you do for your customers: developing Django applications and building websites.

Do what you’re good at. Leave the rest to us.

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