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Thousands of Digital Agencies, Corporations and Startups trust Divio’s products and services

You’re in Great Company

Thousands of Digital Agencies, Corporations and Startups trust Divio’s products and services

Success Stories
Blick Tippspiel

Blick Tippspiel: How to survive peaks with Aldryn

The Swiss agency Jung von Matt are a Divio Partner and rely heavily on the Aldryn Cloud infrastructure. For a recent project, they were able to take advantage of its benefits for rapid Django development and responsive scaling under load.

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Salt: Innovative products and a reliable operator

We used Python/Django and django CMS for the projects. Using Django allowed us to combine many different modes of functionality (public-facing portal, community site, intranet), rapidly developing in itterative fashion together with the client.

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These Agencies Trust Us
Bonsai Tiger - CNK Solutions

“Aldryn simplifies development and subsequent deployment of projects. It's a modern product and the support is handled by people who know what they are doing! ”

Petr Klus, Technical Director at Bonsai Tiger - CNK Digital Solutions LTD

Petr Klus, Technical Director at Bonsai Tiger

D-Modules - Divio Partners

“Aldryn has made it possible for us to dedicate more of our time to developing our projects and less of it to deploying them. We've benefited, and our customers have benefited.”

Martin Coté, Managing Director & Founder at D-Modules

Martin Coté, Managing Director & Founder at D-Modules


“The tools in the Aldryn family keep improving. They are useful, reliable and straightforward to use, and they're making our work as Django developers way easier.”

Rob Edwards, Managing Director at FARM Digital Limited

Rob Edwards, Managing Director at FARM Digital Limited


How does Aldryn Cloud compare to other players in the market?
Comparing different hosting offerings is hard, read our findings!

Aldryn VS Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean gives you a plain old virtual server. Everything else is up to you. Aldryn on the other hand is dedicated to the needs of Django developers. It’s optimised for their work and for Django hosting, by Django experts.

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Aldryn VS Heroku

Heroku offers hosting for a variety of languages: PHP, Ruby, Java and others. Aldryn is built in Django, by Django experts and is dedicated to Django hosting. It’s built around the needs of Django developers and optimised for their work.

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Aldryn VS Amazon Web Services

AWS is the world’s biggest hosting toolbox and offers you almost everything you could want - virtual servers, storage, databases - but it’s up to you to join all the pieces together, and it’s up to you to get it all right. Aldryn does this all for you.

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Need Expert Help?

Divio offers world-class services and tools for Django & django CMS that empower agencies, developers and organisations to build high-value, sustainable online presences and experiences. Book Expert Help whenever you need assistance in your project. Save time by relying on our expertise. Do you have other projects you want to migrate? Do you need a location in your country? Let us know.

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An easy way to draw upon the expertise within our team to help solve your problems. Check availability online in real-time, and book your spot for just $199.

Become a divio partner

The Divio Partnership Programme gives our partners access to additional services and commissions for their revenues.

  • Attractive, scaling referral commission
  • Extension of the range and value of your existing services
  • Receive local referrals from Divio
  • First-class technical support from our team
  • Free Aldryn Collaboration plans for your company
  • Marketing & PR support for higher customer engagement
  • Programme onboarding and training
  • Placement of your brand on the Divio websites

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